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Connection issue...

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    Connection issue...


    I'm a new gamer from China and my phone is iPhone6 with IOS9 public BETA.
    I purchased the game and very enjoyed it, but suddently the screen shows “CONNECTING PLEASE WAIT..." for a long time with no response at all.
    I'm quite sure my WIFI connection works normally as usual. I tried to reboot my phone but still the same.

    Is there any solution to solve this?

    Many thanks!

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    I'd love to help you but I've never had an iPhone, I'm not a great apple fan, always Samsung Galaxy's running Android for me !!

    So I'm sorry but I'd only be guessing, which isn't the help you need, hopefully Nicolas (Forum Mod) can shed some light on this for you when he comes online again !!

    In the mean time, you can try searching the web to see if other people have resolved similar problems.....That might help !!

    Sorry I couldn't be of any more help but I hope you get things back to normal soon !!
    !! Don't Think..........Just Do !!

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    really appreciate your suggestion,man.
    I deleted and re-install the game, then it's normal now.
    thanks again.

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    Glad to hear things are back to normal mate.....Happy Sniping !!
    !! Don't Think..........Just Do !!

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    I'm glad it worked out! We can't optimize for iOS 9 this early unfortunately.