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Thread: Item prompts/interaction pop-ups disappearing

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    Item prompts/interaction pop-ups disappearing

    I've encountered a bit of an issue while playing through the third episode, although it also appeared earlier, but now it virtually stops me from advancing in the game. Whenever Max tries to interact with something, the prompt/interaction menu appears and then quickly disappears. Sometimes it flickers on and off really quickly so I don't have enough time to move my cursor. I have to approach every object at a weird angle (sometimes even looking away from it) to get the little thing to pop up. This appeared before, but eventually I could interact with everything normally. Now, I'm stuck because I need to collect the items to get into the principal's office and I can't pick up the sugar or get into Jefferson's class because the things either don't pop up, or pop up and immediately disappear. I have an Nvidia GeForce G210. I will be grateful for any help. Thanks!

    PS: I know there was a similar thread before but it seems to have been ignored and I really need to resolve this ASAP.

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    Hi BlueOla,

    Can you go into your graphic card options and let me know if anti-aliasing features are turned on?

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    Yes, I've heard of this solution before. I turned all the anti-aliasing off, launched the game and nothing changed. Turned it back on, just to make sure - nothing changed. Are there any other possible solutions?

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