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Transfert to new device

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    Transfert to new device


    i've bought a new device, and i'm surprise to can't transfert my data.

    I'm playing on android 5.0 and my new device it's same., i can understand difference between IOS/Android, but on same OS, it's not normal that we can't migrate.

    I've explore my internal and external stockage and i can't find solution, but developers have a solution, i'm sure of that.

    Sorry for my lazy english...


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    All saved data is stored locally so when your reset your phone or buy a new phone your data is lost so you will need to start again.

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    Hi Kaizerkarl,

    As Craig said, unfortunately there is no way to sync data between devices as its all locally stored. We're considering adding cloud support but it's actually trickier than it would seem.

    It might be possible to back the entire app using a third party app like Helium/Carbon (i.e. back up the CM app onto your desktop, then restore it to the new device), but I'm really not sure if that would work and can certainly not make any guarantees for what might happen to your save game if something goes wrong there.
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