I saw that there were some other posts about the forge but i didn't read all of them so if this has already been said i apolagize for the duplicate.

There are just 2 things i want to say about it:
1.Give us the option to choose the buff that the weapon will get (the debuff can still be at random) yesterday i used 15 blood vials and about 10-15k gold (not counting the rest of the materials) just for 1 stat on my throwing knives and i still didn't get the stat that i wanted...this is just ridiculous.

2.Make the items rechargeble by gold again,a fully depleated item costed like 1k gold to recharge so i think it's enough but now to use materials for recharges is too much especially now that we have to recharge primary and secundary abillities as well.Blood vials drop rare enough and it's not ok to use a blood vial PLUS other materials just to recharge an,i'd rather use them for reforges.