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Thread: What I would like to see with the Final Fantasy VII remake.

What I would like to see with the Final Fantasy VII remake.

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    What I would like to see with the Final Fantasy VII remake.

    Ok I will chime in on the most required parts of FF7, they are very simple.
    GRAPHICS/MUSIC We saw, we heard. its amazing and i will not insult the work already done for our want. if i may humbly request, please make sure to apply this grandeur to all aspects of this beloved tradition.
    CAMERA We ask for the thirdperson, rearview, topdown view, keep the original camera style, please improve it.
    WORLD MAP/OVERWORLD a similar view from the original, I would love a first person perspective as well.
    BOSSES retention of the weapons Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, and Ultima. some new ones.
    NEW bosses, challenges, areas, continents, and dungeons . it will exponentionally add to replay value.
    CHARACTER BACKSTORY Please feel free to add as far back as you like... individual full stories.
    COMBAT as for the option of tackling an onscreen mega monster that is fine, make more "Zoloms".
    (I enjoy killing that damn snake, and wish there were more like it)
    RANDOM ENCOUNTER please keep it to make the game active, and interesting .
    ATB vs LIVE COMBAT it should be an option, classic turn based or live combat there should be that difference.
    MATERIA and SUMMONS keep it original add some new summons, magic, and enemyskills. Around 100 individual materia should suffice.
    AIRSHIP I wanna fly a badassed version of the Highwind!
    CHOCOBOS catching breeding and more indepth raising.
    MINIGAMES crossdressing snowboarding gbike and a few great new ones.
    Other than that, lets all be good and buy our PS4 like we promised we would if they gave us this game.

    "I can't wait to explore around the chocobo ranch...... you know."
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    People were not asking for a remake of FF7 to have a completely new game we wanted to relive FF7 with modern graphics. Tetsuya Nomura keeps saying it will be exactly the same as FF7 and people do not want that. However that is exactly what people have been asking for. We want our limit breaks, material system finding in the world, we want our world map, we want a turn based game we don't want a button mashing game that takes no thought process. Square Enix has not made a game with a world map since FF9 they just push a linear game out that looks pretty but overall just is awful cough FF13 cough, we don't want ff11 12 14 15 style game play we have them already and honestly they are not even fun you cant even die in half of them. They just seem to push out trash games to make a quick buck. Letting SE know they are taking a huge risk and will lose pretty much their entire fan base if they drop the ball with this because like Yoshida Wada said this could be the end of SE FF7 is a master piece for a reason you can add stuff to it but if you take away the World map the battle system it will not be FF7 anymore it will be another linear no freedom bad game. So do not reinvent the wheel the wheel works just make the wheel better don't try to use a triangle add some special tread on there to make it ride better in any weather. If you cannot do this right do not do it at all because me and 100 people I know will not buy this if it is a ff13 11 12 14 15. we want a Classic game, you got enough modern games we want some nostalgia to bring back beautiful memories, don't make this into a nightmare that ruins your reputation because most of your sales are old generation that give you good word of mouth and you want that old generation to inspire the young generation not tell them how bad you are. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you listen to everyone and keep the world map battle system finding material leveling it mini games side quests etc. Just expand on the back story maybe add the advent children story as new gameplay.

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    Ive stood by this company since FF1 on regular Nintendo, Show me that you can still make a classic this will be it for me and many others. I started to believe you cannot make a world map any more. That you do not care about what your fans desire that its all about how fast you can shove a game out there to make a quick dollar. Don't ruin this game add to it make it beautiful people don't care about voice acting and long mundane videos. We want exploration world maps finding items, we want a indepth battle system not a grid system, we want awesome summons and limit breaks. that epic music and story. Show us you still got it don't destroy a classic or you will find you will destroy much more than that. I love this company reward our faithfulness with a classic not a modern piece of dung

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    "Belittling a major videogame director, and his team. is not the path to that which you desire."
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    Please know that rants will not be tolerated. I think feedback is vital to the construction of this masterpiece.
    It would be great to get a discussion going.
    What would everyone like to see, when you walk out of Midgar for the first time?

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    All the dead wasteland fields surrounding Midgar from the mako reactor fallout's and pollution. And in the distance the town of Kalm and to the right of that a long open valley leading to the Chocobo Ranch and the marshlands.

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    So, would you agree with it having both first and third person perspective to better view the world? What style of combat do you think would serve that best, how should adversaries be encountered? What should the scope and scale of the enviroment be? What would it take, to make you weep for joy?
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    personally i think it would be nice if they took full advantage of the all of the PS4's technological capabilities (sound, graphics, etc). I do not think that they should change the plot. However, it might be fun if they explored the story a little bit more. For example, in crisis core they touched on the theology of the FF7 universe. They could play on that a little bit more in the remake. One question that I have is if Jenova is a physical manifestation of the goddess Minerva.

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    I would concur as to using the PS4 to its fullest, it would be folly not to utilize it's capabilities.

    As far as I can see, we know very little about Barret, Tifa, Cid, Yuffie, Vincent, Nanaki, Aerith, Cait Sith/Reeve. I think it would be wonderful to add more to these characters stories. It would add depth, and detail while giving us a more to appreciate with each characters role in this story.

    With regards to your suggestion as to adding theology to the FF7 universe, are you ready for the Church of Rufus?

    "A thinking man or woman's Final Fantasy that's the way!"
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    Love this topic Cid, none of the arguing back and forth! I would also add a few things to your list or some suggestions that made other games popular that could increase the replay factor....

    Maybe there's room for random generated areas (like the Diablo franchise)

    SPOILER... ah f it, it's a remake, you don't know by now then don't read the forums about the game. Make a playable spirit character of Aerith (Aeris) we all miss her so. Always felt cheated every time I farmed all her limits then didn't get to use them anymore!

    Keep the look and feel of the game dark. It's very easy with shiny new graphic engines to make things to bright and bubbly.

    Could should be a dark/distant bada$$, not an emo guy like in FF7 Advent Children. He didn't have an emo feel in FFV7 so don't give him one in the remake.

    I think adding some gore/violence to go with the dark feel is a must. The scene where Barret loses his hand for example, show it as it would look. The more real it feels the better, don't make it look/feel fake like anime. I like anime, but FFVII is not anime.

    Voices are super important, they should reflect the original characters appropriately, not just be bubbly like a anime (I know I've referenced this twice). For some reason, when I play FFVII I hear Mister T's voice when Barret is talking, LOL.

    Introduce some new materia and bosses/weapons. complex materia combinations was one of the things that made the game so amazing.

    Please, please do not do one of those different ending things if you get 100% of everything done.

    Add some more background of Sephiroth, and maybe let us play a few scenarios as the anti-hero.

    Make the Sephiroth looking back in the flames scene the most epic FMV (hah, you guys remember the term FMV, ah the classics). It is one of, if not the most iconic game moments of all time.

    I'm sure I can think of more, but love all of your suggestions as well Cid, with the exception of the cross dressing. With up'd graphics it just might not look/feel right, lol. Ooh that reminds me, make an 18 and older version where you can go in and have a good time at the Honey Bee Ranch! =P

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    I was hard at work today, read the post you submitted while taking a moment's worth of respite.

    In perspective to your requests,

    Perhaps a little time in the Lifestream is what you seek?

    A quest to recover Holy may be in order.

    I have always thought that the change in enviroment and the stark and obvious comparison between the old mythril empire, and the new country life. was, and is a very a necessary motivator to the plot line.

    One should be aware that the only existence, Cloud has had to come to terms with (at this junction) is one of his own creation.

    Realism will be a vital component of this title, please remember that SquareEnix is a family company, and will take appropriate measures to ensure that FF7 can be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

    I believe anything less than the finest voice actors in the industry today, would fail to capture the correct demeanor of the characters.

    We will all be living in a Materia world.

    WIth respect to Sephiroth, be patient and all things with be revealed.

    Acts of moral depravity I think not. doing what it takes to save a friend, you have my attention.

    "Are you a Materia girl?"
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    Absolutely keep ATB - if they want to integrate it with full character movement around the battlefield, I'm fine with that, but I would very much like the default mode to be full control over all actions, with enough time to think and play strategically, rather than frantically mashing buttons (read: COMMAND MENUS - NOT just mapped-to-button commands). Implementing options for full control and auto/AI shouldn't be THAT much extra work, if they want to go that route, but ATB where we can select commands is crucial.

    Absolutely keep/expand the available materia - keep the leveling system, etc. I *would* like the option to equip MORE than 8 materia max on a piece of equipment though

    I would like it to be big enough to take up four blu-ray disks - I miss disk switching

    This is a pretty random idea, but rather than trying to score everything in-house, audiomachine has some pretty epic stuff. I didn't know who/what they were until a few days ago (thanks pandora!), but a lot of it would be spectacular in a FF score. Some of the original score should be kept, but updated (eg, it'd be nice if sephiroth's theme didn't sound like it was coming out of a digital pipe organ), but there is a LOT of room for new music. Back there and back then, audio files took up a lot of space, comparatively. Now, not so much.

    I hope there are more things to do/places to go in the submarine!

    DON'T SCREW WITH THE STORYLINE! Obviously there are some flaws in the original that need to be worked out (general incomprehensibility), but I REALLY hope they don't start adding in stuff from the spinoffs. This should be a reMAKE, not a reBOOT!

    Finally, I think the world map is necessary. FF Type-0 handled this pretty well, but the scope and level of detail can definitely be jacked-up in a full PS4 release.

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    I thank you for your comments,

    "A house divided against itself can not stand" I think it would be wise to give the player the option. conceiveably an updated version of ATB matched with a fast paced live combat...... possibly same system multiplayer would be best.

    There will be new ways to equip, and use Materia.

    As to the notion of multiple disks it is a balance between necessity, novelty, and demand for storage.
    i believe that two BLU-RAY disks should eloquently meet this demand.

    The musical score, one of the most vital elements of any truly great epic experience,
    i can think of no finer choice than one of the worlds great orchestras.

    With the already high demand for minigames and sidequests, the submarine is an excellent recommendation.
    it would add much depth.... in more ways than one.
    the sidequest value alone makes it a provocative suggestion.

    The story line most likely will remain 100% intact with development focusing on interpersonal relationships and their affect on the events in the plot, with expansion dedicated to showing more of the managerie that is the world of Final Fantasy VII.

    It will always be difficult to perceive the world through the eyes of another, so i shall give you my most descriptive imagery.

    imagine for me if you would, walking through the overworld on the way to your next objective. when you mistakenly depress L2 and the world whirls away. what is revealed is what you have always wanted to see. in front of you is the vast grasslands leading to Kalm, you can see the smoke from the old timers, lighting their stoves. behind you is the waste of Shinra and their madness. to the right stands a long and narrow pass, you can hear a chocobo as you journey nearer to allies, and friends.

    "To be the premier gaming studio of an era, to restore the honor."
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    Merci pour FF7 Remake , y'auras t'il des versions PC ? Sinon big jeu , premier Final Fantasy 3d plus réaliste en combats avec ses magies, que les versions précédentes sur Nes.
    -Scénario bêton , peut étre aménageable pour plusieurs fins, comme la possible non mort d'Aeris ??? " une queue de phoenix et c'est repartis", ou l'énergie spirituel de la rivière de la vie nous la Rend !!
    -Gameplay et statégie bêton, avec Exp des matéria et de ses combinaisons !! Nos armes nos accessoires et bien plus !!
    -Bande son bêton, de bout en bout !! et retravailler, après visionage de la vidéo * l'E3, on peut espérer des voix originals et en plusieurs langues suivant sa région et des bonnes , qui colle !!
    Hâte de toucher du Remake SQUARE ENIX POWaaaaa !!!

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    Merci pour votre temps , toutes les langues sont les bienvenus dans cette discussion .
    Thank you for your time, all languages ​​are welcome in this discussion.

    Je suis d'accord je me sens comme si un changement * l'histoire va être essentielle * la création d'une nouvelle expérience .
    I agree i feel as if a change to the story will be essential to the creation of a new experience.

    peut-être une combinaison de la materia sainte et de phénix convoquer après certaines autres conditions sont remplies .
    Perhaps a combination of holy materia and phoenix convene after certain other conditions are met.

    Oui je suis d'accord , il doit être accessible * tous qui souhaitez découvrir un classique dans ce genre.
    Yes i agree , it must be accessible to all who wish to discover a classic in this genre.

    la bande son est le equivelent de l'un des plus grands compositeurs de l'Europe.
    The soundtrack is the equivalent of one of the greatest composers of Europe.

    Votre enthousiasme est la bienvenue , et je me réjouis avec beaucoup d'espoir * votre expérience avec d'avalanche et de leurs compatriotes .
    Your enthusiasm is very welcome, and I look forward with great hope to your experience with Avalanche and their compatriots.

    Je Dois vous remercier * nouveau . Je me réjouis de la réaction, les fans auront quand tout le travail est terminé .
    I must thank you again. i look forward to the reaction the fans will have when all the work is finished.

    "* long Final Fantasy en direct."
    "Long live Final Fantasy."
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    Cid: [looking at Temple of Ancients maze] $#!%! $#!%! $#!%! What the hell's with this place?

    Barret: How much farther do these stairs go on?

    Barret: Are we there yet?

    Tifa: Not yet.

    Barret: ...there yet?

    Tifa: I said not yet!

    Barret: Yo...

    Tifa: Look, don't even ask! We're way way way way far away from being there, OK?

    Barret: Damn, man! I've had it! I'm going back!

    Tifa: And take just as long going down as you did coming up?

    Barret: C'mon newcomer. Follow me.

    Yuffie: C'mon Cloud say something...

    Cloud: ...something.

    Rude: Do you know who I am?

    Cloud: From the Turks, right?

    Rude: Well if you know, then this won't take long. It's difficult to explain what the Turks do...

    Cloud: Kidnapping, right?

    Rude: To put it negatively... you could say that.

    Reno: [to Cloud] Looking at you is making me sober.

    Barret: How much farther do these stairs go on?

    Tifa: Why don't you ask them?

    Barrett: Playtime's over for you, jackasses!

    Barret: Get in here, fools! We're starting the meeting!

    Aeris: Then, I'll be going now. I'll come back when it's all over.

    Cid: Sit your $#!%! down in that chair and drink your goddamn TEA!

    Cloud: Whoa! Finger! What the hell?

    Tifa: Words aren't the only way to tell someone how you feel.

    Vincent: I don't care what you're doing, so much as the idiotic way you're doing it

    Red XIII:...puff... puff... Would you kindly hurry? The heat is drying my nose.

    Yuffie: Yeah, mine, too!

    Cloud: [to Barrett] You look like a bear wearing a marshmallow.

    Yuffie: I'm not sympathizing with Barret! He never should've trusted Shinra, Inc.

    Barret: I don't got any answers. I wanna be with Marlene... But I gotta fight. 'Cause if I don't, the planet's gonna die... So I'm gonna keep fightin'!

    Barrett: [referring to Sephiroth] So he's a good guy, right?

    Sephiroth: [to Cloud] What I have shown you is reality. What you remember, that is the illusion.

    Cloud: If this is all a dream, don't wake me up.

    Vincent: I have nothing to say.

    Yuffie: That's okay, it was probably depressing anyway.

    Vincent: Too much hope is the opposite of despair... an overpowering love may consume you in the end.

    Cloud: All right, everyone, let's mosey.

    Cid: Damn! Again! Stop sayin' it like a wimp! Can't you say 'Move out!' or somethin'?

    Cloud: Move out!

    "Looking up at the sky too much makes you lose perspective."

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    "A lot of times in life we already have the key, but we live our lives in chains!"

    There have been times in the past where SquareEnix has been accused of not listening to the fans, today is not that day!

    If you look carefully, some fine things have been laid upon our table.

    Today, is the day i give thanks.

    CEO Phil Rogers, Mr Nomura, Mr Nojima, Mr Kitase, Mr Uematsu, and the SquareEnix family, i see you here taking note.

    Thank you, for listening, caring, and being here to do what must be done.

    During the most difficult parts of my life, the Final Fantasy VII team were my closest friends and confidants.
    They tought me to be a hero, and to do what it takes no matter what.

    "Please try to pass that on, it is the pedagogics of our children."
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    I am confident Nomura and his team can capture the same magic with this remake. I just hope we don't have to wait too long for it to be released (2017 maybe?)

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    I would agree Mr Nomura has shown, and honed his skill as a director with his recent releases.

    Take the time with this release, leave no aspect uninspected.
    those are the type of men and women working on this experience.

    Personally, i agree with making people wait just a little longer.
    i could see a simultaneous summer/holiday 2017 release as the best option for exceptional sales.

    If i were to idealize this experience it would indeed be a twentieth aniversary extravaganza,
    complete with the remake of FF7, a hard copy of the HD version in modern format, with the film release as well.
    leather bound collectors edition is necessity.

    Giving the fans the formal chance to pass on their experiences to the next generation is paramount.

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    And don't forget a limited edition FFVII PS4. I'm sure the remake will be a console seller for sure.

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    I will absolutley conceed to the providence of a limited edition console.
    for the opportunity to own both a limited edition console, packaged with the afore mentioned collectors edition of FFVII,
    i would with monumental zeal capitulate liquid capitol in the measure of five hundred dollars.

    Regardless, it must be released prior to the remake as an implement of fostering. its pertinence is one of vital fortification.
    i could see no finer choice in timing than in conjunction with the release of the HD refurbishing.

    With every component of SquareEnix under such scrutiny,
    it would behoove the members involved in the more prevalent franchises to communicate more expediently.

    Warmest regards,
    Mr. Steiner

    "Carpe Diem"

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    All i want is for 7 to be playstation exclusive i hate the xbox and its pointless to put the remake of a game on a system that the original never was on. Square needs to stop putting their games on the xbox because the xbox is just as stupid as everything else microsoft makes nowadays. If square put 7's remake on the xbox i wont buy anymore games from them ever again and they will lose me as a fan and customer til the day i die.

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    Of course i want the story to remain the same just with new montsers, bosses, dungeons and graphics
    I prefer the original midgar and not the new futuristic midgar with skyscrapers i dont lile that i prefer old style but with new gen graphics.

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    I dont want people or places that come from the spin offs like angeal, genesis, modeoheim, banora and other things that did not exist in the original game. I want only everything from the original game plus extra bosses, dungeons and monsters

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