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Thread: What I would like to see with the Final Fantasy VII remake.

What I would like to see with the Final Fantasy VII remake.

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    Six thousand views,
    i have new findings for all.

    Soon to be deliveringly yours,
    The SquareEnix Troll

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    I shall be as a basilisk on my rock,

    so here is my delivery.

    Square Enix has moved back the release of Final Fantasy 15 until November for local quality purposes.
    the teams responsible for the Final Fantasy VII Remake are busy at work implementing a fully open world.
    turn based combat is also being developed and i am not refering to the sequel to I Am Setsuna.

    here is what they are developing at Square Enix its the positions they desire to employ that gives direction

    Large Scale behavioral control system: it is not for Hitman. sounds like a more immersive sytem of control based on Final Fantasy XV.
    have you seen WAIT MODE?

    High-quality high-efficiency rendering technology development: for expansive and efficient open worlds.
    see it on November 29th.

    Large-scale asset management system development: what is large asset system development for CG
    the entirety of the Diamond Weapon sequence in Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV and large components of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

    and 64 bit development environment maintenance: research on the Internet to discern its mysteries.

    "Et parant ad munus"

    Trollingly Yours,
    The SquareEnix Troll
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    six thousand five hundred views,
    at this juncture in the development new releases of information are lacking.
    there are rumors stating the title might not be playable until 2018, now would the time to,


    "Tempus est a Demo aut Corporatum Accountance"

    The SquareEnix Troll

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    The REVEAL

    February 18, 2017 Grimaldi Forum, Monaco
    a recent posting by Square Enix moderator Grimoire sheds new light
    on a possible, if not obvious, reveal date for the much anticipated remake.

    Tetsuya Nomura will be an attendee at the Monaco Anime Games International Conference (M.A.G.I.C.).
    not known to many individuals is that the region from Gibraltar to Monaco is the actual Costa Del Sol.
    posted here are images of the famed forum and the surrounding area.
    Is this inspiration for Nomura san and the second chapter of the Final Fantasy VII Remake?
    in this author's opinion there is little question or doubt given the aspects of venue and the title.

    Behold! Shinra Sea Port and the beauty of Costa Del Sol.
    i can envision Professor Hojo, and the rest of the cast of Final Fantasy VII Remake at leisure on beach in the background.

    "Salutem ex Costa Del Sol"

    A special thank you to Tom and Ash for their soundtrack.

    Realistically Yours,
    Cid Steiner
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    Who will be Guest 7777,
    Who will be ALL LUCKY SEVENs!

    Will It Be You?

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    "The Promised Land will soon be ours.
    If there's anything else.... talk to my secretary."
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    a first look at Dissidia Arcade's / Final Fantasy VII Remake Sephiroth

    "Gloriosa Generosa......SEPHIROTH!"

    Singingly Yours,
    Cid Steiner
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    For Your Judgement or For Your Consideration

    We Must Choose Between Playing And Watching!
    Shall we Join The Lifestream Or The Grand Regalia?

    Address: Dolby Theatre, Hollywood & Highland, 6801 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028 Capacity: 3,401

    Thank You


    "Duo Ludos"

    Gratefully Yours,
    Cid Steiner The SquareEnix Troll
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    The Grand Regalia it is!

    The week of November 29, 2016 through December 4, 2016 was indeed Astralnomical,
    with the Titan Astral being unveiled and showcased in the Hollywood and Highland District.
    this event was not to be missed, and for those in attendance a truly memorable event,
    in a similar fashion even a Star Wars: Rogue One X-Wing landed near by.
    The often imitated and never duplicated Square Enix experience, being first in the hearts of many fans.
    A great many thanks, and salutations to the Final Fantasy Team on an event well hosted.

    "Magna Perficientur"

    Busily Yours,
    The SquareEnix Troll
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    In honor of ALL LUCKY SEVENs and guest 7777
    i will be hosting a small prize give away.
    More to follow Happy Holidays.
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    The Square Enix Year in Review

    What i would like to see with the Final Fantasy VII Remake The Square Enix Year in Review

    Greetings and salutations to fans of all things SquareEnix!

    i have invested the last year in advancing in breadth and scope,
    that which i must and mustn't Troll which is everything.

    with the anniversary of Final Fantasy VII on September 7, 2017.
    i have returned, one would imagine there are questions as to where i have been, and what prize give away awaits the fans of SquareEnix.

    I have a prize for us all.

    "Continuacio sit Aureum"

    Indicatingly Yours,

    Cid Steiner The SquareEnix Troll

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    The Returners

    the year in review for SquareEnix,
    oh yes ask and we the fans did receive. this is the largest conducive shipment of titles from one studio in gaming history.
    since the release of Dragon Quest Heroes on Playstation 4 the stream of products has been impressive to say the least.

    Dragon Quest Heroes I, II
    Dragon Quest builders I,II
    Star Ocean I.F.
    I Am Setsuna
    Moon Hunters
    Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3
    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
    The Turing Test
    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star Carnival
    A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV
    Final Fantasy XV
    World of Final Fantasy
    Mobius Final Fantasy
    SaGa: Scarlet Grace
    Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 Remix
    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue
    Nier: Automata
    Seiken Densetsu Collection
    Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
    Pictlogica Final Fantasy
    Children of Zodiarcs
    Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age
    Dragon Quest,II,III
    Life Is Strange: Before the Storm
    Lost Sphear
    Itadaki Street: Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary
    Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
    Secret of Mana
    Kingdom Hearts III
    Final Fantasy VII Remake
    Project Octopath Traveler
    Life Is Strange 2
    Project Prelude Rune
    The Avengers Project

    i am truly amazed all of this in the course of a year.

    "Corporatum Simplicitate"

    Trollingly Along,
    Cid Steiner
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    The Prizes in Life

    How can a Troll justly abscond from their Troll'y responsibilities?
    as we all know knowledge is the greatest prize in the world so here is your prize

    I was

    "Alium Populus et Artem"

    Lockeingly Yours,
    The SquareEnix Troll

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    The first title in the Final Fantasy VII Remake is complete!

    Cloud and how he became a member of Avalanche, Midgar, Sephiroth, Kalm, Junon, and.................

    "Et Reversus est Dominus"

    Lovingly Yours,
    The SquareEnix Troll

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    Happy 20th Anniversary
    Final Fantasy VII
    Comemoratingly Yours,
    Cid Steiner The SquareEnix Troll

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    Emotional Response Anyone?

    December 18,1987. FINAL FANTASY

    Tokyo Game Show 2017

    15:00 to 15:40 – Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Broadccast at TGS 2017 – On December 18,
    it will have been 30 years since the release of the first title in the Final Fantasy series.
    An introduction to the projects planned for the 30 year milestone.
    Featuring, Shinji Hashimoto! (Final Fantasy 30th anniversary general producer),
    Mariko (Final Fantasy Portal app), and Kashio (Final Fantasy Portal app).
    Be there to be SquareEnix.
    Gematsu has the schedule, we should get a trailer or other major announcement at this time. Enjoy the live presentation.
    If not here @#$%^$, the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be presented at......


    "Nam Liberum Illud Facio"

    Trollingly Yours,
    Cid Steiner The SquareEnix Troll
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    Square Enix Forums

    Today is the start of Paris Games Week,
    Sony has said that there are twenty eight new games and game updates being shown in twenty minutes.
    So with 1:28 odds I should ask you the reader will we see from the world of Final Fantasy VII?
    Obviously as previously stated I thought we would see the Remake at Tokyo Game Show which we did not.
    Surprising to most readers is the fact that over 23,000,000 Playstation 4 units were sold in Europe, the most in the world.
    With these facts now revealed what will we see from Paris in twelve minutes?
    Absolutely nothing from Final Fantasy VII Remake.

    "Festinare Commodo"

    Trollingly Yours,
    The SquareEnix Troll
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    With the anniversary of Final Fantasy VII being released in the EU on November 17, 2017 there have been articles published that could be viewed as a tabloid source. i am including portions of this article for you the reader to decide. Copyright infringement?

    "Sic Enim Pulmenti"

    Abashingly Yours,
    The SquareEnix Troll

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    Final Fantasy VII Remake. not at PSX!

    The Final Fantasy VII Remake will not
    appear at Playstation Experience!

    What exactly did Sony And SquareEnix do when they announced the FFVII Remake at E3 2015?

    "Non Dignitas Duo Canis Stercus."

    Non Purchasingly Yours,
    The SquareEnix Troll

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    I have narrowed it down to the probabilities.

    This comes from an interview on DualShockers

    Square Enix is often known for keeping the release dates of its biggest games under wraps for a long time,
    often defying expectations of fans that wait for those announcements at this or that event or trade show.

    Yet, some are coming in the next few months according to President and CEO Yosuke Matsuda.

    Matsuda-San had this to say during the latest quarterly conference call for investors.

    “Development efforts for major titles are underway at both our overseas and domestic studios.
    We will be making announcements about the release dates of those titles between the end of FY2018/3 and E3.”

    For those unfamiliar with the financial lingo, “FY2018/3” means the fiscal year ending in March 2018,

    the announcement of release dates of the “Major Titles” hinted at should come between April 1st, 2018 and E3 2018 in June.

    The publisher is also exploring how to market those major games in the pipeline to maximise their potential.

    Interestingly, Square Enix has been lowering the risk of having major overhauls of titles in development,
    and the development of games that will launch starting from April 1st, 2018 are proceeding according to plan.

    “I believe you will be able to tell how long our development lead times are based on the launch dates we will be announcing for our games going forward. I will say that we are facing less risk of having to engage in re-work thanks to
    the precision with which we are approaching our designs in the initial phase of each development project. I believe that the development efforts for the new titles we will be launching starting in FY2019/3 are proceeding in line with our plans.”

    At the moment, one major game that is awaiting a release date is definitely Kingdom Hearts III, that for now only has a 2018 release window. Another eagerly-anticipated game that has no release window at all is the Final Fantasy VII PS4 remake.
    JULY 2017(A)
    MAY 2018(A)
    JUNE 2018(A)
    April 2018(R)
    September 2018(R)
    March 2019(R)

    (A)nnounced (R)eleased
    "Optimus Coniecto"

    Cid Steiner The SquareEnix Troll
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    old fan suggestion

    I really hope SQUARE ENIX is reading what is being written here in the forum.
    I personally can take many difference from the original FFVII and the remake...but i will really pissed off if the story gets messed up: if you want to include spin-offs in history, such as AC or DC, that they adapt to the original story, and not vice-versa (the spin off' story wans't so good...)

    Thank you for you beautiful work!
    and hurry up!!


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    Battle system switch

    Can anyone tell me if it would be possible for square to implement the obtion to switch between an Active and command based battle system? (like a switch between classic battle mode and modern battle mode)

    I understand that these days and with the new FF titles the younger generation of player would like to have the active battle system of the newer titles cause they are more used to it.
    Me as an veteran who never played a title after FF11, the command battle system was a Key element of FF7 and i would not buy the remake if it does not have that cause it would not feel like an remake to me but more like a different game that just lookes like FF7.

    (sry for the bad english)

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