Thread: What I would like to see with the Final Fantasy VII remake.

What I would like to see with the Final Fantasy VII remake.

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    Originally Posted by Cid_Steiner
    I talk too much.

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    With regards to your commments ,

    No, i do not want the same game.
    i have an original copy for that, this a reformat and remake.

    this title will evolve from PS1 to PS4, to be honest that is a vital component of Final Fantasy.

    with the remake of Final Fantasy VII, fans want an evolved ATB.
    if the party stands in one position, it will not the create the enthralling experience that SquareEnix is working on.

    i took the time to reexperience FFVII, IX yesterday. the turn based battle systems have one element in common.
    when the character acts, the character moves forward.

    i fully accept that characters move around the battle enviroment in conjunction with the modern and new Active Turn Battle.
    were you wondering what a dramatic change actually entails?

    in regards to random encounter,
    if the planet has the ability to create multiple Weapons from the lifestream,
    having common adversaries appear from the planet/lifestream is a more than accomplishable feat.

    Thank you, for the artwork.
    if you in addition to the elements already present in the camera, add a top down veiw.

    Final Fantasy XIII did not sell well with the north american/european SquareEnix fan base.

    Not to antagonize fans, this is Final Fantasy VII not the other titles.

    "There is no singular element that defines a person, there is no singular element that defines FFVII."

    Cid Steiner
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    To the great programmers of square-enix:

    First I love that this is finally going to happen, there has been a great void in RPG's since final fantasy 10 and there has been no game developer to be able to do what has been done by the final fantasy series. Having said that this project has the potential for great failure or massive success. When I heard that there was going to be a remake the first thought I had was "when can i pre-order."

    A great success would try to pull the whole world together. There were many spin-offs of the series and it would be awesome if the whole story could be brought together, adding in lore from crisis core, some times the story was hard to follow as it felt there were gaps. I wish those gaps could be filled in. Cleaning out any issues with the ATB battle system would improve the game, I loved it and would like to see a game where I can control my entire party at once and that is one thing I am looking forward to in the FF7 remake. I would love to hear the music of Nobuo Uematsu come to life, I do like the orchestra versions of his music and would love to hear it in the game. I can't over state how much I miss a world map, please I beg you bring it back. While the rise of voice acting has shown great appeal to those less inclined to read the text in a game bad voice acting can break the game, and since we are in the the what can make the game good, I would love to see an option where you can switch between the Japanese dialogue or American as I find that Japanese voice actors are much more passionate about what they do than their American counter part. If you add in more stuff at the golden saucer that would be awesome since a lot of people would like more interaction with friends, such as snowboarding competitions hint hint. More hidden areas would be nice, while I like the game I would like to be surprised by new areas to find new materia types and weapons.

    What can make the game horrible and ultimately cause many long time square fans to leave: the lose of the open world. Every game today is linear if we wanted linear we would play one of those games but the freedom an open world brings to a game can never be surpassed by improved graphics. Another things to avoid is the lose of full party control, I liked everything up to FF10 because I can fully control how things go down, I don't like the randomness of AI nor the rigidity of Gambits, I want to make every decision in the fight. Poor voice actors, I don't watch dubbed anime because most American voice actors suck and this can put people from buying it after initial release. Poorly composed music or new score different from the original, the original sound track can never be replaced.

    And the one thing that I can't make up my mind: to save or not to save Aerith. I heard that there were initial plans to be able to bring her back to life which were scrapped I would love to be able to bring her back but another part of me knows that she must die in the long run to further drive the parties motivation to kill Sephiroth. I can't make up my mind on this matter and time would definitely be needed by square to make a decision on whether or not you could bring her back.

    In the end I look forward to this game, it has the potential to resurrect this nearly lost genre of games but it also has the means to destroy everything final fantasy has done to raise it the level it was at during its golden age. And should it succeed, as I truely hope it does, I would love to see it lead to a remake of my all time favorite Final Fantasy VIII. But that is another story, for now the best thing to say is DON'T try to make EVERYBODY happy. This will only lead to a great disaster. So many people have played this game that the range of what people want ranges from a First Person hack and slash to old school ATB. Make a decision on what you want it to be, a way to make as many people happy and remember that there will always be somebody who's expectation you can not fulfill. Best of luck, I eagerly await a masterpiece to be born.

    Good luck,

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    Originally Posted by Cid_Steiner
    Mm... I had a lot to say, but I was going through the original game's text just now and it ended up completely discouraging me, ahha... Oh well... It's strange though. Like, I'm finding the things from the Shinra Building on disk 3. You cant go back and redo these things, why are they filling space on the other disks? I wonder if the first one is the same too... There's a reason I'm sure, I probably just need to look into it more...

    Then yes, you did experience it. That's what makes Final Fantasy, "Final Fantasy". But yes, explain your points on things. The best thing that anyone can do for the remake right now would be to try and prove that their way is how it should be. If everyone just argues about it because "it's not the same" or "not what old fans want" and ignores what Square is trying to accomplish, then everyone is going to be dissapointed.

    Characters moving around is what happened in XIII. Maybe it's just me, but having to watch your characters walk up to something and get hit for absolutely no reason is infuriating. I also found the system to be similarly boring. But like I said, "what I want" isn't a legitimate response. I don't think letting that happen again would be any good for the game, but who knows. I don't know how other people feel about it. And I know that XIII didn't go well with us, but it was still similarly turn based. You have a bar that fills, and when it's ready, you can attack again. That's not an active system.

    I was hoping for the camera to be able to go up and down as well, so it can be moved wherever the player wants it to be. Didn't put it because... Well, I'm lazy. It'd be better if it was zoomed out a bit more too.

    It is, but the Final Fantasy series is already changing. Small devs need to start somewhere, and while Square Enix isn't small anymore, I don't think they're entirely sure as to what they should do. This is a touchy game for people. I think it'd be better for everyone if they work small and make the game good, as opposed to experimenting on it as well.

    But again. "What I think".

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    Thank you, for your response.

    at this juncture i must point out that SquareEnix, knows the consequence of alienating a majority of the fan base.

    yes, you are correct there needs to be elaboration on ideas in order to acheive the desired results.

    i must further elaborate on how i feel the battle system should operate.

    the use of the FFXIII combat system would be folly, it is a basic descriptor of my vision at best.

    with regards to encounters.
    remember how adversaries disappeared in FFX?
    encounter should be a reversal of the result of falling an opponent.

    opponents should simply appear randomly, and then it should enter into a closed battle enviroment,
    combat could take place on the overworld.

    the planet should be trying to stop a Jenova infused failure. (should be less infuriating)

    with regards to battle.
    it would be best described as an improved view and version of the original,
    with increased movement and full individual control of the party members.
    i do not want the ability to preset the attacks, and only control one individual.
    full control over individual party members is essential.

    waiting on a guage to fill and repeatedly pressing X (cancel) until a character's turn arrives is tedious,
    so is watching a character stand completely still.

    i will however debate that an action title would be irrelavant ........ go play FFXV, or Type-0!

    the battle system will need to be immersive, engaging, familiar, and approachable for a vast majority of the fans.

    "Bonum certamen certare!"

    the SquareEnix troll Cid Steiner
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    i think that these articles need simultaneous viewing

    Additionally yours,
    The Foul Mouthed Maniac

    P.S. art contributed by Tsuyukiko

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    I was out Trolling the internet and found something with such value i had to share.......

    Are You Smiling?

    View in unison

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    Originally Posted by Cid_Steiner
    Actually, looking in other places, plenty of other people are pretty much fine with the change. It's just forum places that are filled with this baloney, which is a huge disappointment as this is the closest thing we have to Square Enix that isn't writing to them directly. I don't think that it's the majority, it's just that the people who don't put thought into things complain more, so they're louder and seen more often.

    They've dissapointed us before. Hopefully those boycotters of the system change haven't bought anything the last 9 years, or else they've already broken their promise. But as most of system change complaints are in VII rather than XV, they probably already have, as I found 2008 to be when the demands for a remake really exploded.

    Thank you for explaining, though I'm not sure if I fully understand what you mean. Do you mean that they sort of materialize, or drop in with the sparklies, rather than the screen doing the swishy thing? Then it changes to another screen to do the battle in? I mean, for turn based, it wouldn't be a bad idea. But maybe the camera could just move into a static position when enemies come out for battle, rather than making a different area? It'd probably feel a bit more smooth.

    It's tedious, yes, but that's how the games are with the system they had. Also, because Final Fantasy XV's gameplay was revealed long before the announcement of the remake, I don't feel it's irrelevant at all. This is the direction the main series is going in, so that's what they're going to use if they plan to update any of the old games to fit in. Which is exactly what they're trying to do with Final Fantasy VII. The Final Fantasy XV system is no longer what we know as "Final Fantasy", but I've heard few complaints- Actually, most of the time when I hear about the game, I hear praise. If people hated the system being in Final Fantasy that much, we should be hearing more complaints about it in XV as well. And yet we don't, it's only over VII. I understand that people want it to be like it used to be, but I don't think that's what Square is trying to do. If they were, they wouldn't have said that it's not only being made for us. As far as Square is concerned, they've finally made a system that Final Fantasy fans are happy with, because that's what we told them.

    I agree with you on controlling the other characters, as well as what you said earlier on about how a series needs to feel separate from the others. But I still firmly believe that an active system would turn out superior. That Kingdom Hearts thing I keep saying, XV is the same. And of course while I said copycat earlier, I don't really want a clone of XV or Kingdom Hearts. Just the basics of the active system with a menu that actually works. They'd just need to make sure the menu is done similarly to what Final Fantasy had originally, but with better command organization. The only other things I think would help out would be HP, MP and SP bars, targeting, and some extra customizable menus that are tabbed to have easier access to specific commands and items.

    Active combat would be far more impressive if done right, and if Square Enix (And fans) takes some notes from their own Naoki Yoshida, like they should be, it'll likely end up that way. Though communicating with the fans would have to go with heavy planning first. Unless people can get it together and have a real discussion with them like we're having, it'd probably end up being a mess of "NEW FANS DON'T MATTER I WANT TURN BASED".

    Originally Posted by Cid_Steiner
    Oh, what?
    Whats that supposed to be?
    All I see in that gif is a pile of spaghetti, 0/10, burn it.

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    how about this
    "USING" FFXII giant map roaming system BUT uses VII real world map in 3rd which you can explore like in XII where it takes hours to get to one place (WITH AIRSHIP).
    BUT they should put FFVII or FFVIII Limit Breaks (specially like Zell's Limit Break in VIII) combined with REAL TIME switching character option like in X while fighting or just roaming. PLUS taking advantage of Materia System and Skills/Technique System to give you more advantage in the game. and when you summon you can also command the GFs/Aeons/Eidolons/Espers/Summons what to do or just let them do their thing while you do your thing. also add secret bosses and secret items. in short
    a mix of FFVII (Overall), FFVIII (Limits Breaks), FFX (Flexibility in switching characters and stats), FFXII and XV (World Map Roaming System with Airship)
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    Hello all, this is in special recognition of the upcoming one thousandth view.
    i have decided to do a special recollection of the discussion here
    with a little imagination and a lot of luck,
    i will attempt to discern the outline of the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII!

    You are very welcome,

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    My original intent with this post was,
    to maintain an open fielded discussion on the elements that the fans agreed,
    would be necessary in the remake of Final Fantasy VII.

    after one thousand views i believe that we have topics worthy of sending to the production team at SquareEnix.

    with the revising of this entire post,
    the fans will have a clear and concise concept of what this upcoming mega title will contain.

    GRAPHICS and MUSIC this is a PS4 title we will be given the best SquareEnix and Sony have to offer.

    WORLD MAP/OVERWORLD if the world of Final Fantasy VII becomes any more vast,
    our heads will explode from all the hopes and dreams.

    WEAPONS.....six, two new for the remake.

    NEW bosses, challenges, areas, continents, quests and dungeons.

    CHARACTER BACKSTORY further elaboration on the key characters/npc's in the original, expect more story

    COMBAT dramatic has several definitions,
    i believe that the battle system will include a more dramatic presentation of the original.

    RANDOM ENCOUNTER opponents materialize, in a Will-o'-the-wisp style of transubstantiation,
    rather than transferring to a closed environment, combat would take place in the overworld.
    the camera moves into a static and/or dynamic position when enemies materialize, it is necessary, etcetra.
    the experience would probably feel a bit more smooth.

    MATERIA and SUMMONS will be maintained with new additions and uses.

    DLC will be available.

    i have received several well written posts,
    i will share information from those individuals,
    to further embellish and elaborate on the most likely components being added.

    i want to see all the dead wasteland fields surrounding Midgar from the mako reactor fallout's and pollution.
    in the distance the town of Kalm, to the right of that a long open valley leading to the Chocobo Ranch and the marshlands.

    easily accomplished with this style of camera.

    SPOILER... it's a remake, Make a playable spirit character of Aerith (Aeris) we all miss her so.
    Always felt cheated every time I farmed all her limits then didn't get to use them anymore!

    reviving Aerith is most likely going to be a side quest.

    I would like it to be big enough to take up four blu-ray disks - I miss disk switching.

    Final Fantasy VII is a massive game, the data will not fit on two Blu-ray disks it will most likely be three.

    I am confident Nomura and his team can capture the same magic with this remake.

    "Delectentur cognitionibus."

    The SquareEnix troll Cid Steiner
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    I am happy i can share this with the fans, view in unity!
    SPOILER: take a walk in Costa Del Sol. have a seat feel the sun, the breeze, and take in some of the sights.

    Costa Del Sol
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    Originally Posted by Cid_Steiner
    SPOILER... it's a remake, Make a playable spirit character of Aerith (Aeris) we all miss her so.
    Always felt cheated every time I farmed all her limits then didn't get to use them anymore!

    reviving Aerith is most likely going to be a side quest.
    Advent Children.
    Also, people were concerned when they said they were touching story things. Aerith being around would be a major change for the second half of the game. Let's just stick to the ghost in the church, alright?

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    You are incorrect, the image is not from Advent Children.
    The amount of processing power an image of this quality requires is astonishingly difficult to acquire.
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    Originally Posted by Cid_Steiner
    No, I wasn't saying anything was from Advent Children. I was saying that Advent Children exists and that the entire movie was about Cloud being overly depressed about everything that happened. Putting Aerith back would make the movie even more senseless than it already is. It's not going to happen.

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    I concur Cloud was very emotional, perhaps for the reason Aerith chose to return to the Lifestream.

    i would honestly love to see it in a new game+ or DLC type of context.

    what about multiplayer? three or four player combat would be exceptional.
    think of the sales it would generate,
    playing games with friends and family is of the utmost of priorities when people make major purchases.
    it would have the ability to compete with sports and shooting titles.

    The SquareEnix troll Cid Steiner

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    Originally Posted by Cid_Steiner
    I think anything relating to the compilation should be DLC. It'd be better off that way. If people want Aerith again that bad, then maybe we could bug Square to make something with her and Zack in the lifestream or whatever. Just leave the story in the main game like the original.

    I was actually talking about multiplayer with someone yesterday! While I think it'd be cool, it's really unlikely to happen. Multiplayer in turn based would feel awkward, and the camera in active just wouldn't allow it. Split screen would probably end up looking awful, so it'd be online only if it got put in, and that wouldn't be fair because now people would need two games, two PS4s, and two TVs just to play with their little brother. Also, how would materia work? Would P2 have to use what P1 gives them, or would they be able to go through what P1 has? Being able to use their own would end up being abused with KoTR or something, so you cant really do that either. And how far would the other character be able to run until they're too far away from you? Forever? They could sit out of scenes and combat. And if you just merge with Cloud like you used to, then the other player would have nothing to do until another battle comes along. Chocobo racing could happen, but it's also complicated. For one, not everyone would have equally leveled chocobos, so they'd have to make a system to set chocobos to specific stats before each match to make it fair. The second problem would be the same as active combat. One player could end up farther behind than the other, so you'd have to put in split screen. I think it'd look better than it would in combat though, so it has a slightly higher chance of happening. But it's the same with snowboarding and G-Bike, online only or split screen. The only thing that could work for sure would be times and high scores. They can be kept both locally and online, so there'd be no problem.

    I want skipping cutscenes. Like, really badly. Whether for multiple playthroughs, speedrunning, or just my fears over that one implied scene, I don't really think there's ever a downside to being able to pause and skip. Please, make it happen!

    I've found some stuff around the internet. I'm hearing a rumor that CyberConnect2 might be involved. It seems legit because of G-Bike, but some people are saying they're going to be doing a lot more on the game. Sort of makes sense with what they say they have planned, but we'll just have to wait and see. Another thing that isn't a rumor is that Roberto Ferrari is credited as to have worked on the character designs a bit. I wonder what he did. I don't really have a problem with these things, but I'm curious as to what other people might think.

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    A few questions for everyone today,

    what does everyone think of the ability to skip cut scenes?

    what does the involvement of Roberto Ferrari implicate to you the fans?

    how did we do, are the readers content with the transcribed content?

    The SquareEnix Troll Cid Steiner

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    It's quite known that the existing FF7 game is incomplete. Like some major parts of the game is missing. Not talking about that Crisis Core should be part of the original game. As we know all to well, is that at the point where you can get the best weapon and highest limitbreak for Aerith, she's probably dead already. It have been discussed that a significant part of the game before her death has been excluded from the final product. One may argue that the game was first intended to be alot bigger.

    This proper remake that is now in the making, presents the a rare opportunity to once and for all actually finishing the game, making this new game contain all that should have been in the original game. I don't think anyone would really mind if this FF7 Remake took half a terabyte of storage and cost twice as much, as long as the game is complete masterpiece, with more background story to better introduce the additional characters such as the Turks, Vincent and Zack, up to the events of the movie Advent Childern. Perhaps a little more in depth to the history behind shinra.

    At the point in time where Cloud and Tifa is trying to make sense of his past while they are floating around in the lifestream, I'd like to see alot more backstory and gameplay starting from the time when Cloud first enlisted to join the army in hope to become a "Soldier" like sephiroth.
    We have seen some of this in Crisis Core, But not enough of it from Clouds perspective and in the lower ranks. We didn't get to take part of the day where he joined the army, or his early training.

    I'd love to experience the first time Cloud saw Sephiroth up close. So let's create a potential scenario.

    "A quiet, exhausted and slightly limping "Cloud" along with a loud bunch of 10 or so new recruits walking through a corridor in the shinra building on the way back from a rather intense first training session. While walking, Cloud tries no to get involved with the other recruits as they are joking around and picking on the only female recruit who, while having a very hard time in the training, had shown the most dedication and willpower.
    Cloud notices that she's different somehow, An emptiness of sorts, but with intense and vengeful look in her eyes.
    For a moment, Cloud begin to doubt his decision to join the army and if he'll be able to keep his promise to Tifa.
    The sudden sound of a door opening ahead woke him up from his daydreaming. Surpised that the others had stopped talking. What remained was the sound of heavy footsteps and plate armor coming closer, Cloud raises his eyes and discover that his idol, first class Soldier "Sephiroth", is approaching.
    Cloud and the other recruits are staring in awe. Sephiroth takes a quick look and the bunch and notice a limping and weak looking spikey haired blond guy. He looks at Cloud in dissapointment and continue walking away. Eventually Cloud and the others meet the cheerful Zack and things start looking a bit brighter again."

    During this training session, it would be cool to see Angeal and Zack, far in the background talking to eachother, stretching, doing squats or what ever.

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    Thank you for your reply,
    i think that is a wonderful representation of how the story expansion, could and should be formatted.
    perhaps Zack and Angeal quoting Loveless while performing squats and other calisthenics.

    Cid Steiner
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    I think we should leave the loveless story to crisis core. Perhaps have that book lying around somewhere as an easter egg at most, in ff7.

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    I would utilize it as DLC just to keep the story prudent i would suppose.
    i would like to point out that in the original presentation,
    Final Fantasy VII had a very different use for the presence of the theater production known as Loveless.
    you can hardly call this an easter egg. its very apparent that it has more substance,
    it has transcendence in the example provided here.
    it still makes me elated when i know the band My Bloody Valentine got their name here.

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    what i would like to see

    -basically i would like to see the materia system expanded to become extremely versatile that gives you thousands upon thousands of combinations. for instance linking bio to meteor gives you poisonous meteors. And i could go on with more examples but you get the idea, just more combinations.
    -perhaps the first materia slot in both your armor/weapon causes them to take on that materia's elemental/physical effect. for example if you add lightning to the first slot in your armor, depending on the level of the materia, it will provide bonus protection to that elemental or cause you to absorb that element, while all other elements in the armor slot do not receive bonus dmg reduction from that element. And for the weapon you could have an option visual effect of the materia linked to the weapon. basically its kind of like combining FF7s materia system with FF8s magic system.

    why do i want a more complex materia system? well! because what i'm about to suggest is something that some people would probably be against, but perhaps having a legendary difficulty to the game which you can't access until you have already beaten the game (which should not be easy at all). This would of course allow the developers to become extremely creative and to create bosses that are extremely difficult throughout the game, and not just at the end. And a complex materia system would be used to help defeat this difficulty, infact to not take advantage of the materia system would mean almost utter failure.

    -oh yes.... i want to breed my chocobo to not only defeat jack over and over again but to defeat people around the world!


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    with the materia being a majority of the game experience.
    any additional materia would be there to ensure the complexity you seek.

    i would simply recommend including more added effect materia.

    the materia system will be imbued with the greatness to be PS4 exclusive.

    in regards to your request for online chocobo racing, dedicated servers are costly.
    have you played FF XIV?

    there will be additional chocobo racing and capture locations.

    "Pulchritudinem in simplicitate"

    The SquareEnix Troll Cid Steiner

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    I would like the characters to stay true to the original game and none of that mopey emo, everyone wearing black crap from advent children. Cloud was an over confidant cocky guy, then still trying to keep up appearances and willing to talk about something like motion sickness after he got his own memories back. So please, no more dark world, emo stuff (Advent Children). The FF7 world had many funny moments and the characters weren't afraid to have some fun too.
    Keep the Materia system and summons. Keep the classics and add some new.
    On the subject of the battle system, I think it should be possible to have two systems in place and let the player chose their preference in game settings.
    Keep all the mini games and quests from the original, add to them and add some new mini games in gold saucer and many more side quests from npcs.
    It needs a massive open world with many places to explore and revisit.
    Expand the armor system, not just bracelet and accessory and make the equipment visible.
    I could say much much more, but I'll keep it short.

    ps please keep everything chocobo

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