Thread: What I would like to see with the Final Fantasy VII remake.

What I would like to see with the Final Fantasy VII remake.

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    Definition of CONCISION. 1. archaic : a cutting up or off. 2. : the quality or state of being concise.

    Hello there young man, im glad to hear your perspecive.

    Truth be told, hate is such an arrogant word. i really can not seem to see why you would not purchase any further products, simply for the reason that the FFVII remake is available on an Xbox one.

    May i recommend given your view, that you purchase FinalFantasy VII HD?

    "odio intelligo oportet destrui"

    The foul mouthed maniac

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    When the ff7 comes out i will buy it for ps4 but if i find out its on xbox then that will be the last game i buy from square enix and also hatred will never be destroyed because hatred is part of the hearts of men

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    Truth be told i would buy a nintendo system before i would buy any garbage microsoft comes up with

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    Microsoft needs to be put out of business and im gonna be the one to do it when i make my technology business

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    Microsoft was only was only good for two things: the XP and Microsoft office but everything else they make is garbage

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    Apple is better than microsoft thats why i would never buy one of their garbage computers that they got now with that stupid block layout

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    Disney is just as evil as microsoft is and both of them want to ruin the final fantasy series

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    Kingdom hearts makes a mockery out of final fantasy because disney ruins everything and to combine something thats horrible with something thats good only ruins whats good

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    I hate kingdom hearts because final fantasy is too good for disney

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    F*** disney they suck and sora sucks sora is nothing but a clowned up final fantasy character leave it to disney to ruin sh**

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    Big foot clown sora... And the keyblade is the dumbest thing ever thought of

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    Just like ff8, ff8 is the worst game in the series and square enix needs to destroy that junk and make a new ff8 with a new story and new characters

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    I hate ff8, i hate disney, i hate Microsoft, i hate not eating five times a day need i go on?....

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    I hate this game i dont think it belongs in the series. There are so many things wrong with this game like there is no mp instead you have suck the magic out of monsters, the level system is retarded you level up every 1000 experience which is not what final fantasy is about, a real final fantasy makes you work hard to get stronger. The max level is 100 which a real final fantasy caps at 99 not counting ff10,13,13-2. The game is based on military and not fantasy if i wanted to play a military game then i would've went with call of duty. The characters all suck in this game no one is interesting enough to develop an emotional bond with. The characters stats are to low and cant get get stronger without junctioning magic. The graphics are even worst than ff7 i would rather look at smooth blocky characters in 7 than to look at the pixelated crap in 8. The normal monsters level up with you which makes the game less interesting. The monsters are stupid and they are nothing more than regular animals like t-rexes used to be a monster. The music is horrible in this game and turns me off. The story makes absolutely no sense. Laguna is gay (check dissidia 012 to find out). Square should remove this from the series and sell it to someone and make a new ff8 with a new story, characters and everything. I hate this game and its the one game in this series thats horrible.

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    concise synopsis FAIL

    "What is your major malfunction private pyle"

    unabashedly yours,
    The foul mouthed maniac

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    Let it never be said that i do not share the efforts of others, its a simple action to see the issue with cloudstrife453.

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    What i would want?
    Elaborated, better translated, story lines.
    More mini-games (with better graphics). Like the fortune telling machine, make it look good. That's the point of updated graphics.
    More secrets. Maybe include some references to all the garbage rumors that hit after the first one like Topaz Weapon or the reviving of Aerith/Aeris. And maybe make ONE of them actually real.
    Keep the music, but incorporate the orchestral versions. Man they are good.
    Give some props to the guys over at Enix like you did back in the day with the credit music. It was cool hearing the Dragon Warrior/Quest theme played during the end credits of FF7. Now that you are all one big happy family, maybe a joke about Erdrick or a hidden slime to battle would be fun.
    Uhm, add another playable character? Maybe one of the turks? Maybe that rumored troll? I dunno, just a little something extra after the point in the story that 99% of us already know about to help after you know what happens to you know who.
    KEEP THE MATERIA THE SAME! I seriously think that was one of my favorite parts of the whole battle system.
    Most of all, and i can't stress this enough, DO A GOOD JOB! Don't release it early, take your time and do the game justice. We've waited a long time for this, please don't let us down.

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    I concur, you want to know what the best part of all this is?

    you are largely correct.

    "cumulare more muscas mel"

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    KOTR in HD? Uhm, i want to see it one time through, but maybe add a "skip cut scene" feature...?

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    Because KOTR is "Knights Of The Round" summon materia. And i don't want to sit through the whole cut scene EVERY time... Maybe just when i want to. A skip cut scene would be nice.

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    Relavance to FFVII?
    was originally posted between TheDisorderlyConduct posts regarding Knights of The Round table summon materia,
    the victim of a savage kitten sized mauling!

    i apologize im inexperienced with the use of most game abbreviations.

    these are all excellent recommendations, may i ask you a bold question TheDisorderlyConduct?

    Do you as a fan of the franchises at SquareEnix, believe that the members of the corporate team have taken the time to read these transcripts?

    The foul mouthed maniac Cid Steiner
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    Ohh! Ohh! I have some stuff too!
    Um, I say spoilery things, just saying, since people still get mad sometimes...
    I'm not sure about the limits on the PS4, so I'm only going to think semi-realistically. I hope that's alright.
    I'm not very good at writing, sorry. It's written sort of directed at Square, but I don't really know if they'll actually read it.
    Spoiler tags are here because I talk a lot and I'm bad at explaining, and I don't want to take up an entire page. Sorry!

    Regarding combat:

    Regarding the world:

    Regarding story:

    Other things:

    I think that's all I have for now.
    I'm trusting you Square. Final Fantasy VII was my first game, and you're working on something that a lot of people are very touchy about. Please, do your best to make it better than the original. And please take your time. Don't throw a release date until you're fully sure it'll be 100% complete. But if a delay is needed, please delay it. I want it to be considered a flawless remake, and I'm sure everyone else does too.

    ...But I guess that's just what I think?

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    "Just when I thought I was out!...they pull me back in."

    i am at a loss for words, a truly concise synopsis indeed.

    i have fully immersed myself into your chirography, at this time it would be prudent to offer rebuttle.

    the characteristics that made Square and Enix great were simple,
    several mainline franchises operating in conjunction, each with a unique style of gameplay.

    Secret of Mana, Final fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, the one aspect all of these titles share are independent battle systems!

    considering Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts3, and Star Ocean are on the way,
    i must convey the dangers of androgynous gameplay.

    Final Fantasy VII must play like Final Fantasy VII.

    Kingdom Hearts 3 must play like Kingdom Hearts 3.

    Star Ocean must play like Star Ocean.

    If the effort is made to modify FFVII so that it will have a combat system similar to Kingdom Hearts that will convolude the experience.
    the simplest explanation, would be inherently poor sales as a result of not addressing a recklessly unsaturated JRPG market.
    it is not that we do not enjoy new experiences, from my perspective if you fail to oblige both the turn based fan and the active fan this title will fail.

    The SquareEnix troll Cid Steiner

    P.S. the best way to understand a story is to check the facts, if you're a new gamer please inform yourself as to the content you are allowed to post in the SquareEnix forum.
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    Originally Posted by Cid_Steiner
    I explained my concerns in the other thread just now, I wont copy paste. But I'm still going to post here because I did read the rules? I censored myself, so I don't think it's that... Too aggressive maybe? I apologize.

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    Apologies are not necessary my friend.

    i was making comment as to the uncommon ability you posess, which i rather personally enjoy.

    i fully enjoyed your post and see the legitamate concerns,
    please understand the mass majority of the demographic requesting the remake to begin with are aged 30- 41.
    these are the people with enough capitol to purchase this title and the system that it will hyopthetically sell.

    depth will be required, replay value, continuity, familiarity, there are more vital factors in a title than being more modern.

    i honestly can perceive no enjoyment in a live battle with Ruby Weapon.
    that battle shoud endure for an hour or more in length, and require strategy.
    there would not be enough control over the pace of combat.

    think of the RAM and hard drive space that can be saved with a random encounter enviroment.
    the amount of computing power a live enviroment requires,
    the reserved disk space it would in fact provide gives adequate potetial, for the additional battle system.

    i conceed totally to your concept for DLC, i want to play all of those scenarios. i want to see Nanaki's children grow into two bad kitties!

    regarding your inquest for the camera,
    walk from Midgar to Nibelheim in the original, that is the camera i find most vital.

    i can not thank you enough for asking for more in depth story, really the only option to expand on the plot.

    the voice acting will be pheonominal, and i agree with you.

    please note that currently there are no modern turn based SquareEnix titles available on previous or next generation consoles,
    the best we get is the porting of select PlayStation titles.

    the remade world of Final Fantasy VII still needs to play like Final Fantasy VII, with well made representations of the original components.

    Debatingly yours,
    The SquareEnix troll Cid Steiner

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