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Thread: Tomb Raider AOD Mac Emergency!

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    Unhappy Tomb Raider AOD Mac Emergency!

    Hey everyone!

    Aspyr, the company that let's Mac Raiders play Tomb Raider AOD, has stopped supporting their product! You see, Mac upgraded their software awhile ago. I just recently tried playing AOD on my mac, and was surprised to get this error message,

    "PowerPC application no longer supported"

    I was so upset, I'm no longer able to play

    Any suggestions on how to resolve this?

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    Mac's are one of the worst devices to game on. So I'm not surprised they stopped supporting it. You could always install a Windows OS along side your Mac with programs such as Boot-Camp or VMWare so you can get the game to work, however you have to have a legal Windows license for those programs to work. In the US, Windows 10 Home License is $119 and Pro is $199. Hope this helps .
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