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The Music of Hitman: Sniper

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    The Music of Hitman: Sniper

    Hey everyone,

    We just posted an interview with the composers behind the music of Hitman: Sniper. Would love to know what you think and if you have more questions for them!

    As our friends at Pixel Audio were working on the Making of the music of Hitman: Sniper, I thought I’d reach out to know more about their creation process and inspirations for their work on the game. Here is what came out of the conversation:

    Nick: Which Hitman games did you play before composing Hitman: Sniper’s soundtrack? Any favourites?

    Pixel Audio: We had a blast with Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (2002), Hitman: Contracts (2004), Hitman: Absolution (2012) and obviously Hitman GO, since we composed the music for it as well. We don’t have any obvious favourite but we liked the replay value of Absolution and the fact that you can be absolutely brutal while wearing a chick costume!

    What were your musical inspirations for the game?

    For Hitman: Sniper, we were inspired mostly from TV series and movie soundtracks. We wanted to have the same kind of melodic impact you experience when tuning in to your favourite TV show.

    We’re huge fans of Jesper Kyd, both for what he did on previous Hitman games and his work on Assassin’s Creed II and Darksiders II. John Powell’s work was also a great influence (mostly for his amazing Bourne movie soundtracks), as well as Sean Callery (24).

    How is Hitman: Sniper’s soundtrack different than Hitman GO’s?

    These are two completely different games! Hitman GO is almost a board game! That’s why we went for a contemplative and relaxed mood for it.

    Hitman: Sniper is closer to the main series’ visuals and narrative: it’s graphically striking, highly immersive and more stressful. We treated it more like a movie. We wanted to match the stealthy sniper feeling with music that fades in and out, almost like it’s sneaking on you, observing you from afar.

    What is so special about a Hitman soundtrack?

    Iconic melodies, sharp ambiances and music that’s almost romantic and classy. One can easily compare it to secret agent movie soundtracks (which aesthetic has been established mostly by John Barry’s James Bond music), but with a much darker and modern feel.

    We could also say that a Hitman soundtrack is following you around, like a discreet ally; giving you the drive and the intuition for completing the task ahead.

    Did you use any special instruments?

    There’s a significant use of viola, which has the romantic and emotional feel of the violin while being deeper and subdued.

    In orchestral music, the viola is rarely at the foreground, being mainly used for harmonic support. The stars of the string section, the violin and the cello, often overshadow the viola. When it is used as the lead instrument, it inspires surprising warmth and gives great power to the middle register.

    We thought it suited Agent 47 very well, particularly in its role as a sniper, remaining in the shadow while controlling the game. We also used real bass and a Moog Taurus to make sure the low end had great impact. We wanted to go further than the usual computer driven music found in most mobile games. We believe it helps creating a truly immersive feeling.
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    Nice video, Interview and an Awesome Theme Tune.....Quality work and well polished, definitely ticks ALL the boxes that they were going for and then some, it's one of my all-time favourite theme tunes already.....Thanks for ALL your Great Work !!

    I look forward to hearing more of their tunes in the future, but for now, I was wondering if there's any way I can get a copy of the Final Full Version, as a single download maybe, I think it would sound quality turned up loud in my car while cruising up the motorway ??

    Thanks in Advance !!
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    Is there any chance of getting them to crop and edit a few decent parts of the Theme Tune (from different points in the tune) to make a couple of awesome Ring-Tones and Notification Alert Tones that we could download and use on our Smart Phones !?

    What do you think !?
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    Well, I asked a couple of questions 5 days ago and STILL have no reply !!??

    Is there anybody moderating this forum anymore !!??

    @ The Devs.....If you simply add this Forum Address into the Random Tips that appear on the loading screens between missions etc. then EVERYONE that plays 'Hitman Sniper' will know where to come for more Info, Tips, Help and Chat about the Game.....It's pretty dead here right now, with only a few regular people visiting, simply because people don't know about it.....C'mon Square Enix, it can't be THAT hard to implement it into the game like I've said, surely !?!?
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    Hey there!

    Sorry for the delay, we were in San Diego for Comiccon ! We've heard you loud and clear. I'll looking into getting the music out there!


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    Originally Posted by NicolasVerge
    Hey there!

    Sorry for the delay, we were in San Diego for Comiccon ! We've heard you loud and clear. I'll looking into getting the music out there!

    Thanks for the reply Nicolas, hope you all had a great time at Comic-Con, it's a quality event !?

    Can you see about getting them to release all the different variations of the tune as well (like you get when buying a 'Single' CD) as most of the time there will be a few full length tunes made before deciding which will be the final release but none of them get destroyed, another reason that leads me to asking this is.....I've noticed that the version that's on the title screen of Hitman Sniper on Android has been tweaked and is slightly different to the one in the video you've attached above, so I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that would like to be able to get both versions and any others as well !?!?

    I look forward to hearing some news from you about this in the near future.....Keep us posted please mate !?

    I'm also looking forward to seeing this web address amongst the Random Tips that appear on the loading screens between missions while we're playing, because in my opinion, there's no better way to get every single player aware of this site, which is REALLY needed right now (as I'm sure you'll agree) since there's only a handful of players that frequent this site at the moment, where-as there's thousands of people playing the game and growing as it's still new.....So it's a no-brainer really.....Sorry to repeat this again but you've not actually mentioned anything about this idea yet, so I'd like to know what you think and if you've passed it on to the Devs yet !?!?

    !! Thanks in Advance !!
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    Yes Comic-Con was awesome!

    For the Tips link, I've spoken with the devs don't worry. We're still unsure if we can fit in the first update or not.

    I'll let you know if I get an update on the music or the forum link!

    Talk to you soon!

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    Thanks for the help, info and replies Nicolas.....Much Appreciated !!

    Looking forward to the update.....Any rough ideas on when it will be released yet ??
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