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FF7 Remaster

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    FF7 Remaster


    I don't expect anything to change from a single post. However, if enough people speak up maybe our opinions will be heard. Or, maybe there is no reason for this post at all; that is what I really hope

    I read an article that may or may not contain an actual quote by Nomura that changing the graphics wouldn't be enough to "exceed" the original with the remaster. I am of the opinion that really would be enough. Personally, I'd prefer they don't give it the FF13/15 treatment. I'm not unrealistic, I imagine they will add voice acting, maybe fix some plot holes, or fine tune some dialogue. But really, as a huge fan of 7 (and there are definitely lots of those out there) - we loved the game for what it is. No need to make sweeping changes. Simple can be better

    Referenced article:

    FFVII is hands down my favorite game of all time. Here's to hoping the Remake will be too!

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    They are already deep in to remaking this game. We already know they've been working on it for AT LEAST a half a year before we ever got wind of it an more then likely it's been in production for a year or more. I think it's too late to change their minds. I think it's too late for THEM to change their minds. But, finding a way to give feedback to developers may help to minimize the damage or make a good thing better, depending upon where they're going with this.