Thread: Server Latency Spikes Affecting Ranked Play

Server Latency Spikes Affecting Ranked Play

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    Server Latency Spikes Affecting Ranked Play

    Time is 4:27 PM EST and this server lag seems to be running rampant now. I've been booted from 2 ranked games now and am getting irritated that I am now falling down the Eternal Ladder because of this. Multiple people are getting dropped from the servers in Ranked play. Not everyones ping seems to be affected so possibly routing issues here? Either way SUPER MAD I am dropping from top 30 and fast because my matches give no points and getting booted randomly.

    Please fix this ASAP as I intend on going for #1. Also please look into some of the top 30 players as they have 1000+ points but only 10-20 matches, suspecting a few cheaters here. Although not to sound like a broken record but tons of toxic people running rampant still. Steam report will not stop them.
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