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Thread: Patch Notes - 2nd July 2015

Patch Notes - 2nd July 2015

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    Illusions is the base Deceiver ability, you shouldn't have to buy it. o_O

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    Originally Posted by xNarcissusx
    Call me crazy but while "everything" is restored, wins does not seem to have counted. My score went from 7/10 to 7/14. And while I did lose one match and left the 4th match when it became 4v3 (mostly because i thought scores werent kept due to the bug but whatever) I definitely won the other two matches.
    I'll check up on that with the team!

    Originally Posted by eXmoRtiZ
    Still can't buy Illusions (Deceiver ability) . PLZ FIX THAT!!!!
    There will be a future store update to add the base abilities and tweak a few other things, that's still coming up, but not just yet I'm afraid.
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    Originally Posted by Saikocat
    I'll check up on that with the team!

    Cheers, as a little correction I'd like to point out that in the Summary (I didn't check there because it keeps saying alchemist is my favorite class while I never play it) it actually displayed the correct ratio. I noticed this later, while in the "divisions" tab it displayed the wrong one.

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