Im a huge The World Ends with you fan and a poor one at that. I got a brand new Ipod5 (16gb) and was raring to buy Solo Remix. Unfortunately it wont run on it due to something with the camera Flash. So to anyone at Square could you try to pull some strings somewhere and get that working Please. I figured this is as best place as any to even make a tiny dent at a company like square hopefully you guys read the boards. I really wanna play this game. Im 100% sure this would get more sales even if only a tiny bit. It really stinks how I and other people cant play this over a silly little thing like a flash, I apologize if this thread was out of line but as ive stated this is the inly way to my knowledge to even get close anywhere to this company.Yes I do know this has basically a 0% chance to hit anywhere but It cant really hurt much to try