As some individuals may or may not know, I recently created a petition to convince Tetsuya Nomura and the Square Enix 1st Production Department team to please develop Kingdom Hearts III for the PS3 and XBOX 360 as well. Some of you might be wondering: "No, it would be a downgrade in graphics" or even " Most people might already sold their previous gen consoles''. I can assure you that by convincing Square Enix to do this, there will be major benefits both market-wise and fan-wise.Let's start with the basic essentials. If some individuals may have noticed from E3 of this year, one will be able to spot that the majority of the games shown were being released for the PS4 and XBOX ONE(and PS VITA in World of Final Fantasy's case). No GAMES FOR THE PS3 OR XBOX 360. NONE. THIS IS AN ISSUE, AND I CAN SHOW YOU WHY. In recent time, many individuals these day may not actually own a next gen console like you would expect them to. Money is one of these issues that leads to these kinds things. People who happen to be parents in general might not be able to buy their children a next gen console because of money issues. And for Square Enix to develop the majority of their games for this year on next gen consoles is immoral and unfair, as they should acknowledge the fact that not every one happens to own a next gen console and they should reconsider and still continue to develop their games for previous gen consoles(PS3, XBOX 360,ETC..) to ensure that the majority of the individuals, even fans of the series that just happen to own previous gen consoles, will still be able to have the opportunity to play the games Square Enix makes for their fans.On to my next point, if Square Enix plans to make this game as successfully as it can be, they need to be able to make it available to wide range of consumers as well as take their development of their game to a very large extent that allows said consumers to able to exploit and find new and conventional ways to be provided the opportunity to play this game. I am talking about finding a way to make the game look as excellent as ever as well as the potential success of the game market-wise. If Square Enix plans to make a lot of money off of Kingdom Hearts III, then it is only best to to release the game for PS4,XBOX ONE , PS3 and XBOX 360 as not only will it broaden the amount of consoles it can be playable on, but it will also increase the number of units sold on release date because the game is available for such a range of consoles.Now onto the game itself.We now know that the game being developed by Square Enix 1st Production using the Unreal Engine 4. Now, considering the fact that it seems Kingdom Hearts 3 is being made using strong software for consoles that can handle something so grand, in this case, Square Enix will have to take a slight step down while still being able to preserve a good amount of smoothness in the game on previous gen consoles, with a start being that it should be developed using the Unreal Engine 3 in order to make sure that the PS3 and XBOX 360 can actually run the game. Overall, with downgraded yet lauded adjustments for lower performing consoles and more money for the company, I believe that making Kingdom Hearts III for the PS3 and XBOX 360 seems like a pretty effective ideal and would satisfy many for the better.

If you feel like this the approach Square Enix should truly go for, then please sign the petition provided with the link below:

Thank you guys for all the support and lets hope our efforts are victorious