Just a quick note to say a big thankyou to Square Enix for releasing an update for the Camera in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

The camera is now significantly better and much easier to control. It really means a lot to me and I'm sure it does to all the other fans too that you have listened to us and incorporated our feedback into an update.

I feel as though Square as a company is earning back their reputation piece by piece at the moment and it is really heartwarming to see. I just hope now that they start to put as much resources and attention into their PC products. The PC versions of the Final Fantasy XIII games still need some adjustments to get them to run well even on high-end setups. The fans have even discovered that it is the framepacing line of code that actually causes more framerate drops so if Square were to take some time to amend or adjust this code they could have very happy PC fans too.

Once again though, thankyou for taking the time to fix Final Fantasy Type-0's camera issues and I look forward to seeing more good work from you guys in the future