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ENDGAME activities for Kingdom Hearts III

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    Yo guys, i've spend a lot of time playing KH2 and something that maybe we all know is that once the credits role, there's almost nothing to do aside boring things like finding treasures, and doing cups that are pretty much the same as the others and leveling doing the same thing with the same keyblade and the same spell over and over and over to finally get rekt by the level 99999 bosses, so i was thinking in making this post to kinda remind the devs to don't forget that the game is not over once it's over, maybe a quest system or something, i know that quests are not implemented in the KH games but maybe this is the time to do it and finish the boring leveling, if i'm gonna get rekt, i want at least the preparation to be fun as hell, so my ideas for these are like mini story quests like the normal RPG, i mean c'mon, how much does it costs to do things that Bethesda and BioWare do all the time (and they do a lot of this kind of things) in the same period of time that a KH game takes to be fully develop, i know that it may be hard to put attention to details and do this kind of things but maybe they can put other team in charge of the side quest for the endgame gameplay value and extend the life of the game regardless of new playtroughs and critical runs, cause maybe Bethesda's games have bugs and stuff but they feel alive and full of stories waiting to be told, things that we've never seen in a KH game, i think that the 3rd one may make a diference
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