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Final Fantasy VII Remake for Xbox One

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    Lightbulb Final Fantasy VII Remake for Xbox One

    Hello everyone,

    First I wanted to tell you that I am a loyal fan of Final Fantasy VII from that in 1997 played and enjoyed in its version of Playstation. I am currently an Xbox player.

    I wanted to ask Square Enix if its plans is the release of Final Fantasy VII remake for Xbox One There are several arguments that make me think that this is and are as follows.:

    First: That the last Final Fantasy (XV) will also be published on Xbox One.

    Second: The message "Play it first on PS4". Clearly does not refer to that also will be released for PC (obvious these days, what game does not have a PC port already? And most of Final Fantasy are available for PC). No need for this message if you mean PC because it is not your competitor, you're referring to Xbox One.

    Third: Are there currently "exclusive" games? Very few, counted on the fingers. All are already multiplatform and occasional temporary exclusivity.

    I believe that the message of the trailer, together with all these arguments is that this is a temporary exclusivity game and Square Enix has not yet ruled on Xbox One because Sony has agreed to a period of silence to sell more PS4. Because besides, if it were not for Xbox One out why not directly say "exclusive game" and say openly not be released for Xbox One? ;-)

    A greeting and I hope for a response from an employee of Square Enix!

    PD: I am sorry my English. I from Spain and only speak Spanish.

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    They said coming to PS4 first. That means it will be out for xbox one later on.

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    they are concentrating on ps4 at the moment but not sure if it will be multi plat yet they want too boost the sales of ps4 in japan i read but i do think it would be a multi plat to increase revenue

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    Ff7 better be playstation exclusive because if they put it on the xbox i will no longer be a fan or customer of square enix ever again

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    You cannot put the remake of a game on a system that the original was never on thus xbox is not worthy of ff7

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    Mr Strife, please further elaborate as to just how an Xbox is unworthy!

    what is it that makes you so irrate, do Xbox owners harrass and tease you?

    Please post a concise synopsis for further debate and i will gladly oblige you, and any constituents that may elect to participate.

    Pragmatically yours,
    Cid Steiner

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    I'll share it when/if I find it again but I read one of those "information leak" articles about the FF7 remake. Usually reading those "information leak" articles is sort of like listening to conspiracy theorists. But in this case, what really stood out is that it was published I think a month or 2 before the E3 announcement and the information in the article was surprisingly detailed and accurate. They stated in the article that the game is planned to be released first on the PS4 and then the PS3. I don't recall Xbox being mentioned at all.

    Again, I'll share the article when or if I find it.

    EDIT: I've been doing a little looking around and still haven't found that article. But an interesting thing I found. It appears that all the old "insider info' we can now partially or fully substantiate seams to all agree that the FF7 remake has been in the works for a year or 2. For example, a fellow who is supposedly renowned for providing accurate inside info and who's claims about a FF7 remake have now been substantiated made a message board post on February 17, 2014 (a year and a half ago) stating the project was already in the works. Just one of 3 or 4 different leads I found indicating this project has been in the works for at least a year or 2. Sounds like this game might be further along then many of you think.
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