Thread: Dragon quest releases outside of japan

Dragon quest releases outside of japan

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    Dragon quest releases outside of japan

    Maybe we should start a kickstarter so square can hire some people to give the rest of the world something other then that dreadful final fantasy series. Just watched their E3 conference and they had what a 20 second clip of dragon quest heroes then they go and say theres no audience? How can they make an audience when they refuse to show any dragon quest game. I think theres an audience which this forum clearly states there is they (square) refuse to listen to anyone because it would hurt their sales of final fantasy just like it does in japan when a new dragon quest is released.

    I truly wonder if we did start a kickstarter to donate to them so they can hire a translator and whatever else they need if they would just take the money and run or actual give us the gamers outside of japan actual dragon quest games. Knowing them they would take it and run and then ignore dragon quest fans again.

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    I personally think nobody would give money to a stranger with a kickstarter. I know I wouldn't donate to some stranger with a kickstarter, knowing he can take the money and run. If Square Enix put up a kickstarter to fund localization for these games, I would donate hundreds of dollars.