Thread: I hope Disney do not saturate Kingdom Hearts

I hope Disney do not saturate Kingdom Hearts

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    I hope Disney do not saturate Kingdom Hearts

    I have been waiting for KH3 since forever and I am stoked its gaining speed!

    The game looks amazing, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't concerned about the franchises future. I have all faith and hope in one of my favourite designers Tetsuya Nomura (long live the king? ) but I hope to God that Disney do not saturate the hell out the franchise, chucking anything and everything in. The reason people fell in love with this game was the non-Disney stuff. I hope Disney leave the decisions and development solely to Nomura and his crew at Square. It is imperative that the classic feel of Kingdom Hearts which we all fell in love with back in 2002 with ‘Square Soft’ remains and is maintained. Innovate and develop upon it but make sure its the same game we all grew up with!

    From what I understand Square Enix is the full owner of the IP (am I wrong?) so thats good, but if I know Disney, they will try to curb in many deals and partnerships. The developers should be left alone with their independence, One of the many reasons people love this game is that it had a suprisingly deep and enriching story that integrated astounding themes of friendship and morals and such. Apparently there is a 'Tangled' spin off show or something? (I may be wrong), this arises my concern that the franchise may be forced to adapt into something it doesn't want to be. I guess I'm saying that the developers shouldnt have to scale back on the original feel and atmosphere for the dreaded 'Disnification'. As much as I like classic Disney I have never considered KH to be a 'Disney Game' it is a classic JRPG in its own right, and I hope that distinction is maintained.

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    I too have this concern. Speaking on the possible 'Disnification' of the story and overall game in KH3, I feel that any 'Disnification' or alter to the original feel of the series would significantly impact the game and leave a bad impression for fans going forward in the series. The CGI ending of Kingdom Hearts 1 summarizes that classic feel of Kingdom Hearts. Not only was the ending kind of a twist as I had expected to meet up with Kairi at the end of the game but throughout the game and as it progressed it had set Disney aside more and more to develop the store after defeating Ansem as a child playing Kingdom Hearts for my first time I had fully expected to reunite with Kairi by the end of the game but instead there was an emotional and very touching ending.

    I hope that Square can not only keep the story and feel of the game to the standards they had set back in 2002 but to have some depth to the gameplay as well. Specifically the depth they put into the worlds/levels in KH1 and KH2 and DIDN'T put into any of the other titles.

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    You are both in the vocal minority.

    Most people play Kingdom Hearts for Mickey, Goofy, Donald and the Disney Worlds.

    That’s why the mainline games have sold significantly more than the games which focused more on the original story and why the Toy Story Trailer for KH3 elicited a bigger reaction than anything in the franchise’s history binary to its original Square Enix content. It is common knowledge that Kingdom Hearts has one of the most convoluted and nonsensical narratives in all of gaming. No one cares about any of the original stories or characters because they are conventional weaboo Anime archetypes whereas the Disney elements are what brings charm and uniqueness to the franchise.