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Thread: [spoiler] The gun?!

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    [spoiler] The gun?!

    The realism, story-wise, in this game is fantastic! One thing stood out a bit, though, that felt rather off.

    In Episode one, when Chloe's stepfather is missing his gun (the one Chloe brings in Ep. 2), I was surprised at how easy he let the matter go. An anal, OCD/PTSD jerk like him, putting surveillance cameras in his own home even, would go ballistic (pun intended) if he found out one of his guns was missing. No way he would have let that slide! He would have grilled Chloe about it mercilessly, searched her room, etc. But he would never just have let it go.

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    I completely agree with this. It seemed very strange for a controlling, uptight character like David to just let the missing gun slide when he asked Chloe about it in Ep. 1. It leads me to think that A) it was a test for Chloe or B) he's been using his guns so much to the point that he can't keep track of them C) he's been loaning his guns out possibly and can't keep track of them or D) simple case of writers' oversight.

    It's all very fishy. And a major case of Chekhov's gun LOL. The fact that Frank can take the gun, and there is the opportunity to take it back in the RV really makes me believe that gun has a major role to play in the remaining episodes. Why have characters interacting with it if it didn't have a role to play?
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    I don't know. I don't think some of these characters are as bad/good as people give them credit for. David is paranoid, but I think on some levels he is trusting. I just wonder if those security cameras are set up for his family. He does seem to legitimately care about Chloe and his wife. I think he's just a hard ass sometimes, but remember what he says? You don't have all the facts. I think that might have a lot to do with the later episodes.

    Still I can see where people are coming from, but maybe he has a habit of misplacing his guns.

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