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Thread: So I've been twisting Life is Strange into having a non-canon

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    So I've been twisting Life is Strange into having a non-canon

    For the last month or so I've been working on a side project that basically became a cinematic fan-made derivative of the life is strange series where Max gets a voice in her head alongside her rewind powers. A voice that actually talks with and to her.

    I'm not even sure how I got to this point but I did. It took a lot of work and I have no idea what really to even call this but I thought it might be worth sharing over here.

    Check it out for yourself:

    To be honest, I'd really love to hear what anyone who works at Dontnod thinks of this, since I'm not even sure if I'm overstepping boundaries I shouldn't be crossing here. I'd like to find out as I'd like to continue with this...uhhh, what to call it... parody?

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    Welcome to the forums

    I watched your videos a couple of days ago .....

    Nice work . Very creative and nicely done . Must have been very hard to put everything together

    You should continue making more . I will definitely watch future videos .

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    Thanks a bunch! I figured I'd pop over here from Reddit based on someone's suggestion. Gonna guess that's where you saw me previously.

    Yeah it was a fair amount of work, more so than my usual stuff but Life is Strange kinda allowed me to break new ground. I'll be working on Ep 3 sometime in the near future and probably aim to release that next month or sometime around Ep4's release.

    In the meantime I'm gonna keep poking around here from time to time. Slowly get myself oriented! Been a long time since I've joined a forum.

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