Thread: Why the forge before MM ?

Why the forge before MM ?

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    Unhappy Why the forge before MM ?

    Just finished a couple of games today and well, it was a slaughter. Not the habitual slaughter cause it's happen sometimes and it's part of the game.
    May be it's just me but since the forge is available, gamers who actually had a lot of items (thus a lot of hours on Nosgoth) can now be able to possess even stronger perks and items.
    So my question is why did you release the forge before MM ?

    I mean now it's really unplayable. I never complain about Nosgoth because I really love the game and the jobs done so far were amazing.
    But when you're facing four guys overpowered and your team is just a bunch of novice (including me) you've a sweety score of 60-7 and no gameplay at all...
    The game was already unbalanced without of the MM, ok I understood but now it's worst.

    Once again, may be it's just me and my bad luck so I would like to know if other players encounter such gap between before and after the forge.
    Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad english.

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    I'm not sure whether anything has been changed but I had felt something was different with the matchmaking after this patch too - it feels like it's been changed back to the old pre-made pros vs solo queuing novices of the matchmaking wars. I'd assumed it was due to an influx of players for the patch but it could be a relaxing of the matchmaking to allow people to get games quicker or just my imagination....The whole matchmaking thing seems to be a very difficult thing to get right to everyone's satisfaction anyway.
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    I personally would rather have more bad games, than wait 20 minutes for a close game. I am on the west coast and lobby times were getting that bad.

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    Booted up yesterday after a month away. 'Average wait time' was 36 seconds. Actual wait time was two minutes. That's AMAZING by recent standards.

    But the lobby still takes too long to fill.

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