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Thread: Episode 2 glitch on the PS3

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    Hi everyone! I have been told the issue should be fixed! There was an issue with the latest patch not downloading properly on PS3 systems. I hope you can all resume enjoying the game and crying in fetal position now :-)

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    It's fixed! Huzzah! I'm so excited to continue. Thank you, Square Enix!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaywalker2309 View Post
    hehe beat me to it Sam
    The dialogue is still broken for me

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    This tweet says it will be fixed as soon as the update for episode 5 downloads.

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    I bought the game on PS3 a few days ago (full season) and I have exactly the same problem at the diner - so it hasn't been fixed. Does anybody know when the ep.5 patch comes out?
    I guess I'd have the same problem even if I started the game again from ep.1?

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