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Thread: Dissapearing item prompts/interaction pop-ups

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    Dissapearing item prompts/interaction pop-ups

    Alright, so I've encountered a bit of an issue while playing through the first episode. Whenever Max tries to interact with something, the prompt/interaction menu appears and then quickly disappears. This first happened when trying to interact with the sink. I managed to finally interact with it after nearly half an hour of attempting too. I was hoping the glitch would end there, but subsequent prompts are having the same glitch. Does anyone have a fix for this? Other threads have mentioned turning off Anti-Aliasing in my Graphics card control panel, but my current card doesn't seem to allow me to adjust this. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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    Hi Asher,

    Can you tell me what graphics card your PC is using?

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    Hey, I wanted to say I have the same issue but with episode 3. I have to approach every object at a weird angle (sometimes even looking away from it) to get the little thing to pop up. Sometimes they pop up, but keep flicking on and off and I don't have enough time to move my cursor. This appeared before, but eventually I could interact with everything normally. Now, I'm stuck because I need to collect the items to get into the principal's office and I can't pick up the sugar or get into Jefferson's class because the things either don't pop up, or pop up and immediately disappear. I have an Nvidia GeForce G210. I will be grateful for any help.

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