Thread: Irate about FF Type-0 HD PC being on steam and other lame choices SE has made (ff15).

Irate about FF Type-0 HD PC being on steam and other lame choices SE has made (ff15).

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    Irate about FF Type-0 HD PC being on steam and other lame choices SE has made (ff15).

    i am very angry that SE keeps screwing up everything! why is type-0 only being released on steam? why digital only? consoles gpt the game on disc! i now have a pc, i now can run the game, i am not buying a digital copy of the game on steam to play the game, if it means i miss out, so be it!

    we were supposed to get the game on psp, but we get shafted due to the vita getting released around the time the likely release date for type-0 would have been. SE blames it on the handheld market being poor but it is more likely as a result of sony telling them not to release the game as it would have detracted from vita sales... here is an idea, SE: put the game on vita as well as the psp, as you did with lord of apocalypse, the sequel to lord of arcana! but no, of course, let's make it a psp only title!

    in the type-0 ultimania guide it mentioned that the developers had toyed with an HD release but ultimately decided against it, and 4yrs later, we get the hd release on ps4 and xbox 1 and soon to be on the pc as well. im sorry, but it only took capcom 8 months to put out an hd release of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd from the original psp release of the game, and it took SE 4yrs? especially when 95% of the localization was done? and only on the ps4 and xb1? why not the vita and ps3? why not release the game on all systems as you did with thief? that game was on every single system: pc, xbox 360, ps3, ps4, xbox 1! type-0 was made for a handheld system in the first place so why not the vita? you released the ff10/10-2 hd release on the vita and ps3 and now ps4! you couldnt even release the game on the ps3, where ff10/10-2 hd, kh1 hd and kh2 hd got released, nooo, it has to be the ps4 and xbox 1!

    why are pc gamers getting shafted for type-0? why make it a digital only game? why the heck does DRM have to be such a stupid issue? why dont gamestore sell pc games like they use to? why is only 1 small half shelf dedicated to pc games at a gamestop? i want the game on disc, just like the people that got the game on the console!

    what about ff15? did you guys really have to turn it into ff15, dropping the versus 13 title is fine sure, but versus 13 was never supposed to be ff15! it was supposed to be part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis mini series, which originally was supposed to only be 3 games: FF13, FF Agito (now type-0) and FF Versus 13. 3 different stories, 3 different worlds, 3 different sets of characters, all dealing with the same mythos in different ways, and building on each other in that the events in one game would some how affect another. but nooo! you had to mess all that up with 2 sequels for ff13, as well as the fact you totally screwed up versus!

    Nomura FINALLY left working on the game cuz he gave up! the game was developed for the ps3, you had left it that way for 6yrs, before releasing the trailer in jan 2011 stating the game would be released on the ps3 along with the trailers for type-0 for psp and ff13-2. both ff13-2 and type-0 got released that yr in japan, and apparently some genius at SE decided to scrap all the work done for coding the game for the ps3, no, lets put it on the ps4 and xbox 1 instead! oh i know, lets apply the new agni's philosophy graphics engine to it as well! versus 13 was already being built from a from scratch game engine specifically for the game, that would be a precursor to what kh3 was supposed to look like. 6yrs of development and everything got scrapped! it is no wonder that employees left the company!

    to top it off, kh3 was supposed to be ps3 release... where is it? oh, right, it isnt done yet, cuz versus 13 isnt done. but wait a sec, why are game mechanics from versus 13 showing up in lightning returns? why is music from versus 13 showing up on theatrhythm? why was music from type-0 showing up on theatrhythm when the game never came out here til recently?

    i bought a ps3 as a result of that 2011 versus 13 trailer. and now it doesnt matter cuz the game is now on the ps4 and xb1! that is false advertising! you should be sued for releasing a trailer that stated the game would be for 1 system, and left it at that for 3yrs when you really changed gears the same yr. you posted the 2011 ps3 trailer, and started development for the ps4/xb1 instead, you didnt think to let us, the consumer and loyal fans know? instead you wait 3yrs for e3, after the ps4 reveal?! that is a real jerk move! what you should have done was started development on a ps4 and xb1 release, and keep the ps3 version, instead you scrapped it! all that work down the drain cost you a bunch of manpower and money!

    the ff15 demo that you released with type-0 apparently had frame rate issues, and apparently all the game trailers for ff15 have been run from a pc, not an actual ps4/xb1! so how do we know how the game will run, if you give us such a horrible demo!
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    PLEASE release FF Type-0 HD on disc format for pc! and Please release a pc version of FF15 on a disc format as well! i no longer have a ps3, and only have a pc now.

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    Disc copies of a game are way, way more complicated than releasing a game on Steam (or rather, more complicated than doing both). I'd wager to say that if SE "had" to release their games with a disc, they wouldn't be doing it at all.

    So no thank you, I'll take the digital releases as opposed to getting none at all.
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    not really, we have done more physical releases than digital history-wise, if you do a digital copy there is no collector's edition with artbook, no soundtrack, no deluxe strategy guides, etc. sure you can make it all digital with mp3s, ebooks and the like but it doesnt feel the same at all.

    also it is very obnoxious to see that games like "the new little king's story" for vita have a digital AND physical release in other regions but NA only gets the digital release (and original game on the wii was on disc), or project diva f, where project diva F and project diva F/f 2nd got physical and digital releases on the ps3 and vita over here, but sega only made pd f for vita digital only. yet the upcoming project mirai dx is getting both a digital and physical release. but one of the atelier games released on ps3, got an expanded vita edition that was digital only, though the game was on actual disc for the ps3 as well as digital i think.

    type-0 is a major ff game release, it is part of a mini-series that started with ff13, and should have a physical release as it a "current" ff release (even though the game is technically 4yrs old, it just got released in NA this yr). a new major game should not be delegated to a digital release, if you want people to know about it, look at the psp and vita, most of the game library ended up being digital near the end of the psp's life and about half the vita's game library is digital! and why do think the sales of the vita arent doing so well? because the entire library fits on one tiny kiosk shelf at gamestop, one for new, another half shelf for used. and again vita titles ended up being more 3rd part titles than sony main 1st party titles so sony doesnt care to promote the games properly, and it doesnt help when they are digital anyways, and again game store employees dont know what they have on their shelf and advocate the 3ds instead (saw this happen last week when a customer was contemplating buying a 3ds or vita) and not give many props to what the vita can do.

    honestly the state of the video game industry is a laughable joke and they need to be taken by the reigns and whipped into shape. look at nintendo, they release physical and mostly digital of their main big releases and look how much more they sell than the vita or psp did! it is the actual physical merchandise that people see in the store that makes or breaks a system, that and what the sales people say about it. the vita is an amazing system and better than the 3ds in so many ways, but the 3ds has a ton of really cool things about it too. honestly they are both good in their own way, and suck in their own way.
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    No one denied that there have been more physical than digital. However, if you look in the past five years, I almost guarantee the opposite is true.

    Vita died because Sony doesn't care, not because it's all digital. PS Now is inherently digital and isn't it doing well?

    As for this game, it's a PC game, a FINAL FANTASY PC game. That's very rare. They didn't make a physical release for the re-release of VII, VIII, III, or IV on Steam. Why would they for this game?
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    because all those are re-releases, this is a new release. you dont think that pc gamers deserve a collectors edition of a new final fantasy game if and when it gets a pc release? SE's problem is they keep putting their games out as digital releases. like the old dq games and the old ff games, these should be put on collections for the vita not as ios droid releases. ff3 got a physical release in japan on the psp, and all we got was a digital release. i would have bought ff3 on psp if it was a digital release! i refuse cuz it was digital! if SE keeps pushing the digital release thing, they are gonna lose some of their older fans.

    i agree that sony keeps bungling their handheld systems, great systems but they dont do well thanx to sony.

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    Um, this is as much of a re-release as FF III, FF IV, FF IV TAF, FF XIII, and FF XIII-2. So, what's your point there?

    What proof do you have that digital releases are bad for Square Enix? Digital releases are pretty much a part of life for PC gaming. I buy physical when I can, but I bet you if you were to look at the comparison of digital versus retail for a PC game, you'd be surprised at how high digital is.

    Plus, you're forgetting that the PC release is an afterthought. The harder you make that process for them, the less likely they are to actually take it.
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    if the vita is dead, then why are there so many games getting released for it this fall? there is at least one game getting released every month for vita right now. we are getting Trails of Cold Steel, Norn9, Persona 4 Dancing All Night, Steins;Gate was released last month, Corpse Party: Blood Drive, and several others are getting a release on it this year. NIS America, Atlus and Xseed have several game releases on it, SE only has 2, compared to the many they released for the PSP: Valkyrie Profile, FF1 and FF2 aniversary editons, FF7 Crisis Core, Type-0 in japan, Lord of Arcana, 3rd Birthday. Star Ocean 1 and 2, FF3, FF4 Complete Collection, FF Tactics War of the Lions, etc. what do we got on vita? FF10/10-2 and Army Corps of Hell. the vita has been out for a little over 3 years now and SE has pretty much ignored it. SE dual released Lord of Apocalypse for it and the psp in japan, we got nothing but 2 games by SE over here, all their games are going to pc or mobile devices or the 3ds outside of japan.

    again, considering the time that type-0 got released in japan for psp, it was around the same time Lord of Apocalypse got released for both vita and psp. SE obviously decided to push FF15 onto the next gen consoles, i am sure they were aware of how soon the vita was coming out. Type-0 could/should have been one of the vita launch titles! if they had planned accordingly, we wouldnt have had to wait 4yrs for it to get released outside of japan, due to the psp being "dead", which it kinda isnt due to summon night 5 coming out this fall w/ a dload code for the digital version for vita.

    the only reason digital gaming is bigger now than it used to be is cuz everything is practicly being thrown on steam or origin, which we have to dload, instead of just being released at retail stores. practically the only thing available at retail stores nowfor pc are shovelware and games that require you to unlock via a steam code. most everyone developer-wise has pretty much opted into the digital format instead.
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    the bottom line is that SE has made a BUNCH of lame choices in the past few yrs: False Advertising for FF15, actually showing a PS3 trailer for Versus 13 at the official 2011 FF conference, along with FF13-2 and Type-0. They even put up a portal website for Type-0 and Versus 13 for the FNC myhtos games. they left the Versus 13 site up for 3 yrs, listing the game as TBA PS3 with the original 6min trailer from the conference. before they finally announced the game was on next gen consoles and altered website to redirect to the FF15 page once it was announced.

    SE releasing a bunch of FF filler crap that no one really was wanting, just to shut us up about FF15 and FF Type-0 as well as KH3: FF dimensions, FF collections on mobile devices/PC and FF7 HD which is actually getting the real remake in a couple yrs. Theatrhythm FF/Curtain Call, FF Dimensions for mobile devices, DQ collection on mobile devices, revamping FF14, Bravely Default, KH 1.5 and 2.5 HD remixes, 2 FF13 sequels, etc. All these titles were to distract us from the fact they were screwing us over with FF Type-0, FF15, and KH3 due to the FF15 stuff.

    i know that i am not alone in buying a ps3 after seeing that Versus 13 PS3 trailer, i wanted a ps3 for a while for Demon's Souls as well, but i buckled and got one after i saw a great $100 off coupon for a ps3 from gamestop, that Sony was putting out at the time due to the PSN outtage from the hack that occurred. i have, up til now, never never seen SE release a trailer for a game that is slated for one system, and cancel that game and not tell anyone about what is going on for 3yrs, only to announce it is for next gen consoles only! now i have to dump more money on a system that i should never have had to buy in the first place!

    SE should be sued by all their customers that got shafted due to this! FF15 has become a serious joke to the gaming community, and kotoku had their summer 2012 article correct when they stated versus 13 was cancelled and being folded into the upcoming FF15, however, SE lied and said the game wasnt cancelled, it was still coming out!

    SE should be giving every one of their customers a free ps4 and a free copy of FF15, it is a serious debacle and joke, SE screwed their loyal fans/customers over, and in business/retail, the customer is always right! they also should be giving everyone free copies of Type-0 due to the fact they shafted non-japanese audiences out of it for 4-yrs. the game was 95% done when they cancelled the psp release! it really does not take 4 yrs to release a game that is almost done!
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    Vita is not dead, Square Enix has a bunch of upcoming games for it like World of Final Fantasy, Project Setsuna, SaGa Scarlet Graces, Dragon Quest Heroes II, Dragon Quest Builders, etc. A few months ago they also ported Rise of Mana to Vita in Japan.
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    i would be in agreement but considering we didnt get saga 2 and 3 ds remakes over here, it doesnt look good about getting the new saga for vita. and as i mentioned we are getting a ton of physical game releases for the vita this fall. if only SE showed more love to the vita outside of japan!

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    the fact still remains that the deciding factor for me getting a ps3 was the 2011 versus 13 ps3 trailer, and the fact that the jp website was up for 3yrs saying tba ps3 with a 6min trailer on it, nm the fact that ever since the game was announced, it was supposed to be a ps3 title from the beginning. considering that the 2 other trailers shown at the 2011 ff conference, 13-2 and type-0 got released later that year in 2011, should have been a good sign that versus 13 would be a 2011/12 release. but no, instead they decide to cancel ps3 programming and redevelop it for the ps4 and xb1, that is a LOT of recoding to have to do and a LOT of patching to make what they had developed for the ps3 work on 2 different consoles intead, and there is the fact that they decided to apply the agni's philosophy graphics engine to it, which then again requires a ton of re-programming, and it really is no wonder that people quit working at SE! that, to me, sounds like a BIG waste of time, money and manpower to do that to a team of people that worked really hard on a game, and to tell them, "nope, gotta do it this way instead." it is no wonder KH3 has been delayed, and it is no wonder that nomura finally left the ff15 project ot finally start working on kh3!

    i am sorry SE, though you may make spectacular games, i have lost faith in you due to type-0 and ff15, it has become a big debacle and joke to the gaminc community! if anything, you announcing the release of type-0 and ff15 on the ps4 has made me not want to buy one, not want to support you and not want to support sony. you have single handedly shot yourself in the foot with these two games, 2 major game releases for final fantasy!

    in business, when a customer has a complaint, the customer is always right. SE royally screwed me as well as other loyal fans over, i am for one, not buying a ps4 thanks to type-0 and ff15, if SE wants me to play these games, they need to make it right. how?

    they can give me and every single customer/loyal fan they shafted a ps4/xbox one and a free copy of type-0 as well as ff15 when it gets released next year. i joined the bandwagon of being a fan with the psx release of FF7, have played all the main ff games since then, except for ff11 and ff14. i imported type-0 for the psp back in 2012 cuz there was literally no news for the release of the game outside of japan. and october 2012 brought with it the letter by SE stating they cannot release type-0 cuz the "handheld market is unstable", (read as psp), and went on to state that the upcoming lightning's return game would be having game mechanics from versus 13 in it. a game no one has seen yet, on top of that summer of 2012 kotaku releases an article stating that an inside source at said that SE cancelled versus 13 and folded it into the upcoming ff15, and SE responds saying it is untrue and that versus 13 is not cancelled and still in the works, and you will be blown away. come to the ps4 announcement, 3yrs later and learn that what SE said was a bold face lie! and the article was true!

    why the heck should i trust SE after these two embarrassing game issues? and we still havent seen DQ7 released for the 3ds outside of japan! nor have we seen the ds remakes of SaGa 2 and 3, last known outside of japan as Final Fantasy Legend 2 and Final Fantasy Legend 3 on the original dot matrix gameboy!

    for me to be happy will require a free ps4 a free copy of ps4 FF type-0 and ff15 games, for dq7 and the new saga game for vita to be released outside of japan! if SE didnt want to lose money, they shouldnt have shafted their customers and think they could get away with it cuz most gamers seem to be complacent sheep.
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    and for those of you that are complacent, look at what was achieved when gamers rose up for mass effect 3's horrible ending? bioware took noticed and rewrote a new ending and gave away the dlc for it for free.

    look at demon's souls, atlus was gonna shut down the servers for online play and gamers rose up and atlus found someone who would run the servers for them, and the servers did not shut down.

    things can be accomplished, there is no need for people to say the psp or the vita is dead, or there isnt a point to release a game, or the company will never listen to us, if you make enough noise, people will notice.

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    Luckily, SaGa 2 & 3 remakes were translated by fans. I think it's very unlikely that Scarlet Graces is going to be localized. The newly announced Final Fantasy Adventure 3D remake for Vita & mobile could be localized though. If you go to the official website of the game, there is a link for "English", but it is currently not activated. Considering it is also going to be released for mobile, we're note sure which platform the English version will be released on though.

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    knowing how things have been going lately, probably mobile. :S

    on the plus side, we are likely to be getting the new Star Ocean 5, as we have gotten all of them over here, so far. pity things are such that i do not have a console anymore.

    i really hope we get SaGa: Scarlet Grace released over here for vita.
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