Thread: Nosgoth player population issue, and a few other things

Nosgoth player population issue, and a few other things

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    Nosgoth player population issue, and a few other things

    Square Enix as a Business you are looking for a player base for your new IPs, Nosgoth is quite new and I can say that this is one of the most fun games I have EVER played, but unfortunately I know pretty much everyone on the Australian/Asian server....... this causes problems especially since there are so Few of us and already I've heard people say that they are thinking of quitting, which on a business mindset means Slowly dwindling customers, and as such I have a few Idea on how to solve this issue.....

    #1 Advertise your game:
    - Yes IK it is still in early access but it would be good to advertise on a variety of sites to bring new people into the grand experience of Nosgoth, of which a larger amount of people would transferr over to the Full verson, unlike now where it's lees and less people.

    #2 Being able to use the Video Archive as a way to Report Hackers, Cheaters etc.
    - I've noticed on a few occasions that people playing Nosgoth use Hacks/Cheats like Aimbot, especially with Scouts, which personally makes me distrustful of anyone who plays scout, and I've noticed you can Archive your games in video form, and some way to be able to report people in the videos would be a great idea, since most people, such as myself tend to rely on the Videos to be SURE that it wasn't just thier imaginations/Battle Rage, also the VIdeo's would add ass evidence, meaning that Justice can bee met Easier.

    #3 WAY less Runestone payments, Especially the Chest Key
    - I've had a few thoughts on how Real Money based this game is and honestly it bothers me, I personally recko you should be able to ear every single item in the Shop, BUT the ingame Gold cost is say 3 to 4 times the Runestone cost to give incentive to pay, but not necessary, but on mark with the Chest key, you earn Treasures of the Clan/Kings for free, but you HAVE to pay Real Moneys to open it, that's asking for a bit much and people will eventually just avoid opening the Chests. the best way I can see of Including a Ingame money system for everything is to make the Runestone cost always less than the ingame Gold.

    #4 Lobby timers,Seriously this NEEDS to be fixed
    - I'm gonna be brutally honest when I sometimes have to wait 1 hours + for just 1 lobby, that's a serious problem and is making a few people not want to play this game and switch to something else, myself included. the best way I can see to fix this issue is to make an internal timer where if players are waiting for 15+ mins to join a lobby, just auto start/create a lobby, both in finding one and Waiting for people in one, because then it will open more avenues for people to get into a game quickly.

    #5 Here are some Statistical Values as evidence
    - On this official page, supplied by Corpsa,, it shows that in the last 2 months the Playbase of Nosgoth went from 5,326 to a mere 1,975, and anyone in a Business can see that this is worse than Seriious, that's a catastrophic Drop in players which means CLEARLY you guys are doing SOMETHING wrong, I'd advise that at the rate I'm seeing now, I'd give it 3 months to fix the game's issues otherwise, well, you've waste thousands + in money just to have a game Fail hard, I seriously hope that you do try to fix some of the issues in at least 6 months because by then the player base will be incredibly small, and that combined with my above statements means you have 6-7 months at most, if you're lucky (Special mention again to Corpsa who supplied me with this official information)

    #6 Absolutely nothing, just a few thanks to the Devs of Nosgoth,
    - During my whole experience of Nosgoth so far, I've had my Rages, my awesome moments, made new Friends and so much more. I especially LOVED reading and learning about the Nosgoth origins and Lore, the lore way definitely Complex but that made me love it more, Keep up your awesome work Square Enix and whoever else is dedicated to this game, Your game has a VERY strong core to it and I hope it last a good long while, Enjoy yourselves

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    Good Points agree with most of them, the sad part things like this are mentioned countless times and nothing changes, we only have the option to buy more skins and useless stuff.
    This Game could be so Epic and they could make Money like hell, but it seems they don´t like Money.
    Core issues not solved for Months, Player Base is dwindling fast. Nosgoth steam charts

    I wish i could say something else but with the State of Play preview for the next Month, we only get some gimmick, nothing which could solve this issues.

    I hope for the best but i am pretty doubtful at this stage.

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    I agree with most of these points too, all but the monetary one but that's just a personal opinion. Regardless, things seem dire for Nosgoth and the player base. If the player numbers keep declining like this, how much longer can it last? This is not some small IP with only one or two servers, this is a big publisher with servers across the world. But the laughable wait times are turning more and more players off. Surely the worst possible thing for the dev team would be if Nosgoths player base shrinks so much that maintaining the servers is no longer a viable option. And this could be treated by reducing the wait times.

    At any given moment on any given server there must surely be enough players to fill a lobby instantly. And the issue of player level matching seems moot as very low level players consistently seem to get mixed up with higher level ones. So how can the wait times be so long? What causes it? If the devs were to reduce the wait times to something respectable, then send out a big campaign saying so, players would flood back in. Updates, new content, those are all well and good but players will only stay so long if they cant get into games within half an hour.

    I truly hope the dev team sees this, because their game is suffering. I love Nosgoth more than most games I have ever played, and to see it in such a state saddens me. The worst outcome I can see in this situation is the game servers shutting down because so few players stay.

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    Honestly, the dwindling player-base is absolutely depressing to me because I've waited so freaking long for another game in the Legacy of Kain franchise. It's been my absolute favorite for years, anytime the conversation turns toward the best games ever, this is the one I climb roofs to scream praises about! So to have a new game in the franchise and then so soon afterward realize that, because something is going seriously wrong, I may not be able to go back to it and play it forever when I get nostalgic like I do with the old games just makes me really really really upset.

    I hope, with the way things are going now, that if the playerbase can't be resurrected, the devs will create an enemy AI system and then release that so that I can always go back years from now and play this one when I want to, whether or not anyone else still does.

    Honestly, that's the entire reason I can't stand online multiplayer games. Short of WoW, none of them have lasted too long, and I'm the type that still pulls out her old Nintendo games and plays them from time to time. Knowing that 10 years from now, I probably won't be able to do that for Nosgoth is heartbreaking.

    Please, Square, just do some actual advertising for this game! Give LoK the boost it needs! You're a huge company, you make more then enough to do advertising and I know you know how to do it! I've seen you do it plenty for Final Fantasy. I think this IP is ten times better then any of the FF games, and I have pre-ordered special edition versions of games from both IP's!

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    WOW!!! even without playing the game problems like these are very serious!

    I'd figure with a smaller population games would load faster. (even if it's with the same people)
    or at least that's what gears taught me.

    if anything I would shift the entire focus on fixing the game before adding new content.
    looking at the state of play I see updates to old request that were made months ago. (item crafting)

    which isn't a bad thing but when your game is declining players, focus on what's causing that before adding new things.
    to me these are my priorities. new maps, new classes, new modes.
    (and the fixing the aesthetics of valeholm, sommerdamm,& free port. :P )

    all this other stuff like rank,
    random new skins but in a different shade of color, playing for what ever amount of days to get random new aesthetics.
    item gifting/trading etc. all that stuff is irrelevant to me. (even though others might like it.)

    the point is,
    if your game is broke, long loading times, unbalance player matches, game breaking bugs that need to be fixed.
    fix those first regardless of my priorities because your game is broke.
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    Are you purposely trying to destroy your player base?

    So your matchmaking system has always been . Now that you've lost your player base and have a peak of like 1000 players a day MAYBE. I have to wonder, which intelligent person decided to have a 3 minute penalty for leaving a match? You have match making. When we see we are losing hardcore and are severely outmatched, we leave, only to have a 3 minute penalty?

    So again my question is. Are you trying to purposely destroy your player base even more than you have?

    My request- removed the 3 minute penalty.

    Sick of extremely unbalanced games then being penalized for wanting a better match. Tired of playing experienced teams, then my team has 3 people who have never played before in their life.
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    To be fair, this was suggested and pushed for by players through feedback on the threads. I agree it is unnecessary and it really kicks a player when they are down after experiencing a crash. Hopefully it will get removed; but we can't hate on the devs for implementing something we dislike when it was many of us that asked for it.

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    The players were the ones who demanded the penalty in the first place and quitting every time you're about to lose only tricks the matchmaking system into never reducing your MMR level after you've been outmatched. If it thinks you never lose, it will try to put you against better and better players that always beat you.

    I've been suggesting a quit quota for a while now so that it only effects those who do it repeatedly. Also basing the MMR algorithm purely on win/loss is a bad idea. It needs to assess player's personel contributions to the team's score. The developers have suggested win/loss ratio was chosen as the algorithm because it reflects teamwork. However, damage taken without dying is damage that's been kept away from teammates and damage done without dying is damage that contributed to the team's kill count, so those things do represent teamwork.
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    i can tell you what causes the biggest playbase drops in the last month!

    its simply because the most of us cant play it anymore....
    if you notice, all with a 4 years older hardware have less then 30 fps... this is a big dissadvatage against the other players.
    with low fps, you cant win against good players...

    and now i notice also big laags in the last 2 weeks...
    iam teleporting and rubberbanding like hell... this combined with low fps realy makes me angry!
    it happens so ofter then i just fly truh the enemy instead of grapping it, or like in my last match, i shot the tyran which had only 81 hp 3 times and it didnt it even i stay right in front of him, he putch me one time and iam dead...

    nosgoth is my favorite game... but sadly after every update it seems i need to buy better hardware while i can play other games with ultra settings, i cant with nosgoth at lowest...

    some advertising would be also good, more players reduces waiting time and solves problems with the matchmaking... (more players, more choices to search the right players)

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    All I have to say is, with the way things are now, if you're quitting every round you don't win and whining because of the penalty, you'll be sitting in the lobby more then you'll be playing.

    We all deal with matches where we lose. Grow up and take your punches like an adult. You don't win them all.

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    All these comments mean alot, thanks for supporting my points everyone and I hope to see these all implemented as much as ALL of us Nosgoth playeers, i hope to see so many more points, feel free to add your own ideas to this post, SSQUARE ENIX MUST HEAR US!

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    Fellow Nosgothers, we are going off at a bit of a tangent here with talk of leavers and penalties. All perfectly valid points for discussion of course, but the point here it to get the devs attention because the player base is drying up.

    I sent customer service an email about it, expressing exactly the points I have made above, imploring them to pay attention. I got fobbed off. They thanked me for the feedback and my dedication to Nosgoth, then just said I should post my concerns HERE as 'this is where it will reach the relevant people fastest'. Okay fair enough, if Square Enix cant pass a message on to the dev team, fine. So how do we address the dev team?

    Will any devs or mods actually SEE this, or are we all just yelling into the void? Some of us have serious concerns on this subject. Any devs out there, give us a darn response to let us know you listen to us!

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    Originally Posted by BleakPhantasm
    Will any devs or mods actually SEE this, or are we all just yelling into the void? Some of us have serious concerns on this subject. Any devs out there, give us a darn response to let us know you listen to us!
    Yes. Devs, mods, community managers etc etc all read the forums regularly and there are even regular reports compiled on the content of the forums. To reply to every individual post and topic would however take more time than is available, especially when they are busy with developing etc - I can assure you however that all interested parties do keep abreast of the issues raised here and other similar forum areas.
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