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Thread: im scared to play this game again. advice please

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    Unhappy im scared to play this game again. advice please

    i dont want to be over the top but i need help here.
    its been a week now and im still an emotional mess. life is strange is all i think about.
    i wake up in the night and think of max and chloe. i go to work all day and cant concentrate thinking of max and chloe. when i get home i listen to the life is strange soundtrack songs on loop and read through the life is strange forum. i had a day off work and played through eps 1-3 again and it makes me hurt even more.
    this game has taken over my life and ruined me emotionaly, im constantly on the verge of tears and barely talk to anyone.

    i know this is not normal.
    anyone got any advice?

    ive already been on the lifeisstrange talk page and they wont give advice.

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    I am not in emotinal mess, yet I can't stop thinking about it. Your chance to escape from these feelings is release of 5th episode.

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    sorry i'll try and calm down. i need some higher education or something

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    Don't be sorry mate, this is normal, and as said, you are not alone with this... But it doesn't sound good!

    I've also had periods of despair due to gaming and that swallowed life and the whole world is alien.
    For me it is like an addiction... it is not always bad, but in some cases the negative side of it became larger than the positive experience. I had to go to through online therapy for gamers (was forced by partner bc relation was breaking), and had to decide what was most important in life.
    Is it possible to have the same great gaming experience but removing the negative parts? Can you somehow think that it is possible to decide which parts of Life is Strange are important and good for you, and work to skip the other ones?

    Meh I am no expert here, and I don't understand what you mean that you are scared to play it...

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    sorry to hear that dude, therapy for gamers.. i didnt know that was a thing.

    i guess i should explain my situation better. its hard to talk about this stuff..
    anyway im 24 years old and have no friends, have never had a girlfriend due to me having emotional problems and girls dont seem to like that. anyway this game has given me my ultimate fantasy in the form of chloe and max. their relationship is something ive always dreamed of having. ive become so attached to them its unhealthy. if i could trade my life and become max i would.
    when i say im scared to play it, i mean episode 4, after playing episode 3 i was miserable and i know it will happen again after episode 4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashbumbash View Post
    sorry i'll try and calm down. i need some higher education or something
    I did not mean to come across as insensitive or anything. I just meant that we're all trying to keep our cool while also experiencing varying degrees of attachment to the game and characters and that you're not alone with that. No need to say sorry or think you need higher education. I have certainly gotten wrapped up in a book or totally immersed in a video game before. I think it can be a very normal thing and it's a great sign of the creative genius behind a work that the audience can be so moved and inspired and invested.

    It has to be awful to feel like you're on the verge of tears and feel like you can't talk to anyone. I don't really have good advice, but I remember when I got super attached to a game I did my best to put myself on a schedule. I would allow myself so much time to enjoy that game and then I would turn it off and go do something else that engaged my mind in a different way. I went biking to get out and about. Try to mix things up a bit. Try out a new simple hobby. Make LiS themed foods if you like to cook, grill, or bake and share pics with the forums. That's always fun! Imagine a themed cake . You said you like the music from LiS so maybe try learning an instrument or even learning some video editing to make fan videos about the game. Just try to turn this attachment into something positive!

    Good luck and hope things get better

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    nah i didnt take offense mate, and the higher education thing was just joking.
    i understand that other people have been affected by the game, and it helps to know im not alone in this.
    im just prone to depression anyways and get ott with it sometimes.
    thankyou for the advice, im going to try and focus on other things like you said.
    im also going to finaly try internet dating, because my real problem here is that im incredibly lonely and want what max and chloe have.
    im determined to make this game change my life for the better, not the worse.
    and i will be getting a life is strange tattoo also so i can remember this game forever and hopefuly that it turned my life around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashbumbash View Post
    and i will be getting a life is strange tattoo also so i can remember this game forever and hopefuly that it turned my life around.
    You should probably wait until it worked. Tattoos are too permanent to get them for the fun of it. So don't do anything you might regret just because you're in emotional trouble.

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    oh dont worry, i have other tattoos. i never get tattoos unless im 100% confident they mean something to me. all of my tattoos are from things that have deeply affected my life.
    thankyou for your concern though.

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    The game isn't the problem, but I think you already know that. Like other said, it might be better to distance yourself from the game a bit. It may also be better if you don't play the remaining episodes right away when they're released. You can always ask for other people's opinion on the episode here, and whether or not you should play it, given your emotional state.

    ive already been on the lifeisstrange talk page and they wont give advice.
    Have you actually talked to someone using the links on that page? Because it'd be surprising to me that they wouldn't give you advice. Helping people like you is exactly what they're there for.

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    I'm on the same boat as you but i'm not really an emotional wreck... at least noone else knows any difference :P

    Thing about this is that you, probably, have no one to talk to face to face about this. It is very important to talk to someone (friends, significant other) about anything that affects you emotionally and, most importantly, share the experience. This is why i don't like going to the cinema alone - i want to share the movie with someone else and establish and emotional connection. Right now you're simply having an unreciprocated emotional attachment. This can happen with anything or anyone. It only means you're healthy and not a sociopath :P

    Try to find someone to talk about it, better if that person also plays the game (with you) so you can have a dialog.

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    Draikin .. yeah i have used the help page, they will listen to you but arnt allowed to give advice apparently.
    and i see what you mean about distancing myself from the game, but i cant even seriously consider that right now, im way 2 involved now

    frag971 .. your right, i have noone to talk to about this, which is why i posted on here i guess. good to know im not a sociopath though

    thanks for all the support guys just reading peoples responses has helped me out

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    I thought I was the only dork that thought about Max and her adventures all day long. It's really reassuring to know that I'm not the only one with this strange issue!


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    Wow that sounds serious I cant say that I felt any like this after playing this game.
    I do admit it was my daily highlight however! After work and the daily business I'd tell my SO in the evening that I need some alone time, lights out, LiS on, Quality Time! :'D

    I recall pondering about the game a lot even at work. How things could have worked out differently or what'll happen in the next episode etc.

    What struck me however, is the fact that Episode 5 is the last one :x

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    You're definitely not alone, this game really took me over emotionally as well. Chloe and Max are always on my mind. For example, I can't listen to certain songs without it somehow making me remember a part of the game, and the emotions come out all over again. I always try to channel this energy into something else, like my writing or maybe some drawing. Try to channel this energy into something awesome! And in the mean time remember that you are by no means alone.

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