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Reminders to the developers!

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    Exclamation Reminders to the developers!

    Hi, i would like to start this thread with ideas that most of players want to be implemented but for uknown reason most of them are ignored. So here is a list of few ones i remember, please add more guys cos i may miss a few due to my poor memory So:

    -add aiming or simply turning over during tyrants throw

    -buff flamethrower by making it activate faster or in other ways

    -buff mindcontrol so it can be done more stealthy and not being interrupted by fences and stuff and maybe make
    aiming it more reliable. Also add indiocator that player is control to fellow vampires so they wont break it

    -make abyssal barrier turn on and cancel by one click, holding f is uncomfortable

    -bring back or allow switching to old names of perks . Undying wisdom was much more badass than reduced cooldown. And newbies are not retarded, when i was newbie i didnt have problems remembering which perk does what.

    -zoom out camera during tyrant charge

    -more breaking field of vision abilities for vampires

    -fix old bugs (!)

    -chests - now, in my opinion boosters, moltens, mysterious items shouldbe deleted from chest contents or maybe put in diffrent, smaller chests for which key would be cheaper and possibly obtained by gold. Making diffrent kind of chest so yo uwould be sure that youll get one of the skins only and in other only exotic weapons etc. And add a fix so you cant get duplicates.

    -possibly think about hunter stacks more?

    -dont nerf tyrant anymore maybe even buff?

    -reduce insane dps of humans or buff vampires

    -allow sentinel to kidnap/abduct on freeport, cos its unfair advantage over sentis on that particular map

    -new abilities for vanguard and summoner (i know they were mentioned on stream)

    -better daily rewards, and fix that laggy animation

    -buff the vanguard shield so its got more use- allow him to reload while blocking, and possibly bring back blocking
    pounces, and maybe even abduct/kindap

    -most important- focus on more content like new abilities for older classes, more maps, weapons etc. bug fixing,, not so much on skins and events. We understand that game needs money but its too much too early, everyone is waiting for new content and bug fixes and all we get is new pointless events.


    -devs please be more in touch with community, answer to questions, dont hide please, we dont bite Together we can make this game even more wonderful

    So thats about it I really like this game but its heading in wrong direction for some time. Please devs check this thread and do your best to fix these problems so maybe youl lstart to gain more players again.. Please feel free add your ignored requests so maybe we will finally get answers.

    Peace. Bart

    -buff rarely used perks like jump, whip and other stuff
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    -make abyssal barrier turn on and cancel by one click, holding f is uncomfortable
    Go to Settings - Vampire - Secondaryability - and change F to Mousbutton 4 / 5 or middle.
    If you do this you can now use both F and your Mousebutton you choosed.
    So nothing changed for other Vampires use your F key for all other Vamp abilities like before and when you Play Summoner you can activate your Shield with your Mouse, this makes moving with keyboard easy, because you hold your shield up with the right/mousehand.
    Don´t know if this is intended but it works try it out.
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    First of all - optimization. Everything else is secondary.

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    Originally Posted by corpus_callosum
    First of all - optimization. Everything else is secondary.
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    Que la guerra solo exista en los videojuegos...

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    Originally Posted by corpus_callosum
    First of all - optimization. Everything else is secondary.
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    thanx for the tip Corpsa

    I agre 100% with optimization. Thats what i meant by fixing old problems btw lol.

    I would like to see those changes not as secondary but both optimization and the rest at the same time cos many people get bored after while when there is no new content. And when playerbase get smaller, MM hurts even more. Just my 2 cent

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    I just want to be able to play again...
    I spent more than an hour yesterday to find 1 match

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