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    Cool Life is Strange Official Blog

    Hi everyone,

    Great to see everyone's reaction to Episode 3 - thank you all so much!

    We have just launched a blog on Tumblr which will feature a variety of different content (wallpapers, fan interviews, gifs & more)

    You can check it out here:

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    I really like the official website better. Dontnod's webpage designers did a great job on that!
    Did notice that since the official website was updated to include episode 3, there's some bug in the background's position when clicking on a new episode and scrolling the page.

    The Tumblr blog page is still cool though. Made a suggestion on reddit saying it would be fun to show us some voice recording bloopers someday.

    Anyway, I have send you a PM about something I found out, you should check it out.
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    Yes, the website looks cool, but it's not really practical for something like a blog. I subscribed to the RSS feed of the tumblr-blog, which for me is really convenient.

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    I also enjoy the website but it would be very nice if there was a section with official wallpapers and artworks etc.
    Pretty hard to find original content out there, even though I also enjoy fan art
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