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Lag issues

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    Exclamation Lag issues

    Every since the patch on May 14th I have been experiencing such bad lag its making the game unplayable.

    I did a video capture so you can see my issues. It keeps pinging me back and forward, making it impossible to aim or run away.

    I really love this game but I just can't play it like this .

    This has nothing to do with my internet I always have the lowest ping in my squad, on speed I have 13 ping. My computer is full capable of handling so I know its not that either.

    Is anyone else experiencing this? Or can anyone please give me some suggestions on what to do..

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    I did notice the rubberbanding occur quite a lot since the latest patch as well (my ping is 28).

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    I have huge rubberbanding issues too. I have lost count of how many bolas and hex shots that just didn't register and the amount of tyrants I get rubberbandet back into their charges. The delays are especially big in private games.
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    Well I'm glad its not just me, I really hope they fix this soon its driving me crazy. I've tried re-installing it and everything but nothing I do seems to make a difference.

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