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Thread: Silenced Cathedral Bug

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    Silenced Cathedral Bug

    Hello there,
    I have a huge problem with Soul Reaver 1. My game crashes in the Silenced Cathedral at the part where you walk down a curved ramp after killing the two Fledgling Zephonims after the main entrance.
    Is there a way to fix this?


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    Hi! Already just read your problem. Never happened to me. But try to lower your resolution in a game. If not use Spectral Realm and try to pass Otherwise use patches from this site:
    I dont know what platform are you playing but this solution is for just PC version.

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    Post an video please.

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    Thank you for the replies. But i have some more questions. Is the "Official Soul Reaver Patch" for Windows 7? Because that's the platform on which i'm running the game.
    @SpectralTyrant should i post a video? If yes, should i post a video of the game crashing?

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    There are no official patches for SR1 excepting one from The Lost Worlds, only "unofficial", one of which is included into the version of SR1 on Steam/ (support for WinXP and above, including Windows-7). The appropriate files lie on my site (see my signature).
    Possible Solution of your problem with these files:
    1) before "bugged place" press Esc (Pause Menu), type 16443 and press Enter - appears Debug Menu;
    2) set "Keep info between loads" to YES;
    3) choose Levels -> Silenced Cathedral -> desired sub-level (for example, Cathy5 - after the first door or Cathy8).

    BTW: check that bigfile.dat and textures.big are not corrupted.
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