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Thread: Patch Notes - May 14th, 2015

Patch Notes - May 14th, 2015

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    Originally Posted by Louves
    Got 5 card drops today. Still no informations from SE. Steam says I have to pay money to get card drops, but they drop by playing

    Seems like it's not working as intented.
    Left the game running over night to test to see if it would give me drops despite saying "No card drops remaining", got nothing.
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    Cards, what are these cards? I've been on twice since this was patched and seen no such thing; and I have spent plenty on this game.

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    Originally Posted by GenFeelGood
    Cards, what are these cards? I've been on twice since this was patched and seen no such thing; and I have spent plenty on this game.
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    Cards A.K.A "Why not sell these useless things for a nickel each and buy some DLC on sale later?"

    I'm sure Nosgoth's will look neat though.

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    Wait, Nosgoth has Steam Cards??? I don't think I've ever gotten any, but I've paid money and played over 400 hours. 8|

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    Originally Posted by Thamior2311
    Well, well... These chests are outrageous! Really. Why do you even have to make those lower chests drop in-game and buy a key from the store to open it? Just man up and sell them for those 400 runestones. I know you got this idea from Guild Wars 2 with chests and keys. You know what these chests cost in GW2 AH? Almost nothing! People will just delete them. But GW2 is better in this way cause you actually can buy premium currency for in-game one. This will only infuriate the community further. You present it like an awaited novelty and instead its just another cash grab. Well, it would be kind of OK if your prices on runestones wouldn't be so fing high. Psyonix, come to your senses, you're killing this game.
    This. Exactly what I'm thinking.

    I spent 500hrs since closed beta and supported the game through Veteran and Warstuff packs. It has already been said a lot of times that runestones, pricing in general are too high, and that there should be a possible conversion of in-game currency to runestones.

    Devs, at first, replied many times with something like "we do not decide of the prices, this is Square Enix (...)", some months ago. But then, it all begun with skins promotions instead of map presentations, purchasable exotics and end up now with purchasable chests and keys.

    "This is in line with other free-to-play". Yes, indeed. But are the community or development of this game "in line" with said ftp ?

    And what is really disturbing me the most is that I see a lot of people who have been previously complaining about this mentality actually buying chests and keys, sometimes for 30-DAMN-EUROS. Congratulations.

    Barely no bugs fixing, lot of purchasable content, milking strategies, etc...
    This game will be a total success, for sure.

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    Yes, steam cards are a thing, i got 5 of them for just playing, 3 were reaver ofcourse.

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    Hey all,

    A few updates:

    Performance issues
    Thanks for all the feedback and detail you all provided on this. The team have been working on this and identified an issue and it's going to be resolved in a patch. It won't hit today, but we'll keep you all posted in this announcement thread once we have confirmation on when the update will go out. Bear with us! We know it's frustrating and we're working to clear it up as soon as we can:

    Trading Cards
    Trading Cards aren't part of the game or a patch, but were pushed live by Valve at the weekend (they're independent of the game and update builds). There's a blog up here with some detail on them, but let me know if you have any questions!
    With all F2P games on Steam, card unlocks are based on money spent, but it would take into account if you made purchases for the game through Steam before, so you may have gotten cards already based on that.
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    Not sure if this should be in the feedback section or here, but I've had loads of problems with climbing over objects since the last update. It never happened before but now when I try to climb/jump over one of those boxes with plants in you get in The Crucible or Valeholm my character just jumps about a foot high on the spot & won't get past it. It happened on the roof of one of the smaller buildings in The Crucible aswell.
    It was a small ridge running along the top of the building & I couldn't get over it.
    It happens almost every match now. It's totally annoying & I got whacked more than once because of it :/

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    Grisamentum, it's a low fps/network issue, wait for the patch and see how it goes after that.

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    and another round of worse FPS sad times

    Originally Posted by Saikocat
    Fire Wall's visual FX have been optimized
    Really dislike it, it's too cartoony like it should be in a Disney movie, it looked much more better/realistic before.

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    Originally Posted by lucinvampire
    Really dislike it, it's too cartoony like it should be in a Disney movie, it looked much more better/realistic before.
    It's been optimized the same way Witcher 3 was amirite?

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