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Thread: [Episode 2] Bus glitch

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    [Episode 2] Bus glitch

    Since I originally got episode 2, a game-breaking bug has been plaguing me. Whenever I load the "Main Campus - Morning" Area the game start loading the area then it crashes.
    No changes in setting appear to fix this.
    My graphics card is an Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 and I have 12 GB RAM.

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    Have you tried verifying your game cache via Steam to see if it fixes any missing/corrupt files?

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    same here on PS3, sometimes the game crashs while loading the Main-Campus, the Bus scene and loading the 2 whales Dinner
    on PS3 the crash can be forced by pressing buttons while loading

    after rebooting the PS3 the game starts with the next scene
    i can`t test this on PS4, cause there is no option to download it for PS4 if it was bought for PS3 (i don`t want to buy it for 20€ again)

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    I'm having the same problem as Temujin. I tried verifying it, and it said it was all correct, but it still has the bug.

    It's also doing it in episode 3, when Chloe's step-dad comes in and yells at them in the dinning room.
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