***This helps only people who experienced stuttering in Deus Ex - HR Director's Cut version, but had no problems with vanilla Deus Ex - HR.***

I recall there were people with nVidia cards complaining about Deus Ex - HR Director's Cut performance and stutters, even on really high-end hardware and even when framerate was good. Registry tweaks (JobSteal... = 0, and ATiFetch... =0) had no positive effect and had little to do with performance in the first place. The funny thing was that the original Deus Ex - HR ran fine for those people, but not Director's Cut version. The stutters were mild and at times moderate, usually occurring after loading a SaveGame and/or when entering a new area, even one that does not require a loading screen.

I figured out how to remove stutters entirely for nVidia card owners in Deus Ex - HR Director's Cut. It all happened because nVidia did not bother creating a separate profile for Director's Cut version and did not bother to link Deus Ex - HR Director's Cut .exe (which was different from original Deus Ex - HR .exe) to Deus Ex - HR profile that nVidia drivers already had! The fix was simple:
- Open nVidia Inspector
- Press the "Driver Profile Settings" button
- Find and select original "Deus Ex - HR" profile in upper left corner
- ***Avoid "Deus Ex - HR - The Missing Link" profile***
- Press "Add application to current profile" button to the right of the profile selection window
- Browse to Deus Ex - HR Director's Cut folder
- Select "DXHRDC.exe" file within Deus Ex - HR Director's Cut folder
- Press "Apply changes"
- Close nVidia Inspector
- Launch Deus Ex - HR Director's Cut and enjoy smooth gameplay without any stuttering!

I tested this several times and each time application of generic/global nVidia settings to Deus Ex - HR Director's Cut resulted in occasional stutters regardless of settings and resolution, but each time Deus Ex - HR Director's Cut .exe was added to nVidia's Deus Ex - HR profile, all those stutters were entirely eliminated, even when 4K DSR to 1080p downscaling was used!

FYI - Deus Ex - HR Director's Cut + 4K DSR to 1080p downscaling + disabled in-game AA + ReShade / SweetFX's FXAA, SMAA, LumaSharpen (strength - 1.50, clamp - 0.50), Tonemap (gamma - 1.100), default Bloom, default HDR + slight Film Grain = much better looking game with a lot less aliasing, compared to in-game's MLAA. Unlike other existing SweetFX presets, this one makes the game darker, like it should have been, but it does not make it overly dark/black in any place, which makes it great not just for screenshots, but for the actual gameplay.