Hi everyone, I create this thread because I see the German SE create a petition for add French, Spanish and Deuth dub in KH3, but they don't add the italian dub, why this? I mean, why the italian lenguage is ever excluded to KH? KH1 and DDD the italian was excluded with the Spanish for dub (KH1) and localization (DDD) but now for KH2 and apparently KH3 too the italian is the ONLY localizated language without a dub. The italian is a language like any other, I really like if the SE add the italian langues to the petition web site: http://www.disneycentral.de/kh3/?sprache=en

I too create a petition 2 days ago, but is only fan made obviusly: http://firmiamo.it/kingdom-hearts-ii...to-in-italiano

So Square please, don't exclude your italian fans to have a dub in this special and amazing game, and add the italian language to the german site petition or create a new petition for the italian language