Thread: Best way of playing Capture the Body?

Best way of playing Capture the Body?

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    Best way of playing Capture the Body?

    The new game mode plays pretty differently from TDM or flashpoint, and I figured it might be good to talk about what might be the best ways to play it. Here are some of my opinions about it. Bear with me, it's a little wordy.

    1) I believe the most reliable way for vampires to win is to drag the body mid-fight. But, only after the vampires kill the human team till humans are outnumbered, and then the healthiest vampire goes straight for the body. There's less chance of humans focus-firing the dragger this way. And when the dragger gets CCed in this scenario, someone else should immediately take over while the CCed dragger body-blocks and then fights afterwards.

    Treating it like TDM, where you try to kill all humans first and then dragging, usually only works if all the humans die within seconds from one another. What generally happens if vampires don't do this is that one or two humans come back before the vampires finish eating and clean up the fight, as well as being able to CC or use ranged AOEs against the body dragger. Of course, the vampires can try to intercept the humans that come back early, but even that only works if the vampires win the fight so convincingly that three or four of them are left. If there are two, or even one vampire left, body-blocking the dragger becomes less effective, and the dragger can be chipped from range. But, that's not all. Vampires must also win several team fights this way throughout the duration of one timer, and it's already hard enough as it is doing it once if both teams are just as good.

    2) Also, when the body first spawns, vampires must make sure they can drag the body for a decent amount before actually picking it up. After all, the timer only starts when it's picked up, and vampires would want as much time as possible to win.

    3) When the dragger is shot, he should continue dragging the body while being shot. The human will have the lead in terms of damage, and the vampire is less likely to win the fight, especially if he's not in melee range.

    On a related note, when a scout flinches the dragger with a warbow, knives, or trap, the dragger should also just keep moving. The scout has a big HP lead over the dragger now, and is more likely to win if the dragger tries to kill him. But since the scout can't flinch the dragger for very long, or very often because of warbow draw time and skill CDs, the dragger can immediately pick the body up and keep moving again. This works best when the scout is standing far off, and the dragger can easily go around a corner and out of line of sight.

    And if the teamfight is going to be lost anyway, just zerg the body and drag it for as far as you can. Doing damage or even killing the humans before a vampire team is wiped won't help vampires move the body any bit further.

    4) Humans seem to spawn at fixed spots depending on which area of the map the body is at, regardless of whether their allies are in combat near them. If vampires memorise them, they can attempt to intercept humans before they get close enough, especially at narrow areas where their AOEs (choking haze, abyssal bolt etc.) can cut them off. Though, I haven't played this mode long enough to be sure whether spawn points are always fixed. This and my next point will be moot if it isn't.

    Some locations advantage humans much more than others. If vampires have to drag the body through there, it is probably better to zerg the body and just try to get it out of that area as fast as possible without killing the humans since they come back so quickly.

    E.g. In Provance, when the body is at C, humans will spawn at A. Humans only need to run up the stairs in 2s before they'll be right at the body. What vampires can do is to drag the body to D. The humans still spawn at A, but need to run longer before they get into line of sight. Or, they can drag the body to B and change the human spawn point to E, where humans need to run further before they are in sight of the dragger.

    5) Fire wall lasts almost half as long as the human's respawn timer, so two firewalls can effectively stall the body till dead humans are back. A single alche can try to rush at the body and place it down to stall. Also two alches can stagger their firewall timing to stall the body till teammates come back.
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    Thank you for making this. Capture the body is in my opinion the best game mode yet.

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    Some advice regarding class selection:


    When playing Vampires the gold standard is a Tyrant with Charge, Shockwave, and Ignore Pain. Multiple abilities with knockdown are great for tying up enough humans that the body can be dragged. Ignore Pain has several important uses. Basic options include using Ignore Pain to safely approach the body (be aware that as soon as you pick it up Ignore Pain will end) or to body block for an ally dragging the body. One highly effective strategy is to drag the body until the Humans approach, drop the body and quickly activate Ignore Pain, tank their ability spam, and then immediately resume dragging the body.

    Supporting Tyrants with Reavers and/or Deceivers is a good idea as these classes are great for quickly dropping Humans guarding the body. Disguise allows Deceivers to stealthily approach the body when needed, which is really excellent for finishing off the cap.

    Sentinels and Summoners typically lag behind the other Vampires but do have their uses. The Sentinel's main issues are that he wastes a lot of time getting into and out of the air and is mediocre on the ground (Takeoff or Dive Bomb can help a lot). The reason to use the Sentinel is that he can take Humans away from the body and keep them tied up for a long time. Summoners suffer from the mass AoE and mobile combat, which can really make their abilities ineffective. However, their barrier can be very handy to screen an ally dragging the body.


    Alchemists are the top Human class with Scouts not far behind. Firewall, Poison Cloud, Trap, and Volley are amazing skills to use on the body. The Alchemist will work wonders if Vampires cluster at the body and the Scout can have a huge damage spike ready for whoever approaches the body.

    Hunters and Prophets aren't as ideal for covering the body but help immensely in fighting off Vampires trying to kill the Humans. They also can bring good CC abilities to the fight to force a Vampire to drop the body.

    As usual the Vanguard lags behind, lacking a good AoE or strong 1v1 fighting skills. The Vanguard does bring some useful supporting skills (healing, speed boost, knockdown), however. His two counters in the Sentinel and Summoner are less common in this mode, which helps somewhat.