Thread: Level 26 and no class unlock

Level 26 and no class unlock

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    Level 26 and no class unlock

    Hey guys and gals, was hoping you could help me.

    I am level 26 in this game, but I got to level 26 before the Shield Bearer was released. In the armoury is says you get an unlock every 5 levels ending at level 25, but I dont have one. Do I really have to buy this class?

    Thank you for any help

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    Greetings Dissonance990!

    Usually you one gets Class Unlock Tokens, every 5 levels, with these you should be able to unlock all classes without having to pay for them. Check your inventory if you got one of those! You probably either used up yours already and gotta play to 30 to unlock the next one, or the distribution got delayed. If it continues to not show up , try to write a ticket to the support for help:!portal/1001

    Hope that helps!
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