Thread: Question about the disguise system?

Question about the disguise system?

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    Question about the disguise system?

    I just started playing the game yesterday and noticed that in the first mission (tutorial) that if you crouch behind the net in the tennis court, the NPC/enemy won't be able to see you. Lol !!

    Ok so coming to my question: How does the disguise system work in the game (in Easy difficulty)? Are you suspected by an enemy once you've been exposed to their sight for a particular amount of time or is it distance based?

    Another question I have is in the mission

    Also, once it happened that I was spotted by a store clerk but I still managed to get the SA rating? How is this possible?

    Thanks in advance...

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    Also today I played the infamous Death Factory mission and while doing the R&D stage, I subdued a guard but didn't hide his body. I then took his disguise and went on to perform the other assassinations as usual without getting spotted or anything. I thought that the fact that I didn't hide the body would mean that I won't be getting the Silent Assassin ranking but I still managed to get it. Could anyone explain this to me?

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    Can someone please answer my questions?

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    Personally I thought the system in before recreations was far too robust, this is one serious part more sensible. If I somehow managed to wear a police uniform and stroll down the road you can Do my Assignment for me wager the general public would consider me a man of the law, i'd be unclear from whatever other cop. In the event that anyway I went over another officer at that point i'd anticipate that them will make inquiries. Same goes for the various disguises, a security card probably doesn't give a crap about the gardeners and vice versa.