Thread: [ESL]Two Days Remain to Sign Up! **IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT**

[ESL]Two Days Remain to Sign Up! **IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT**

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    [ESL]Two Days Remain to Sign Up! **IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT**

    You have two more days to sign up for the final Nosgoth Open Beta Cup for April! This is your last chance to claim a spot in the top 8 of your region to play in the Monthly Final!

    Unfortunately we have to set the region-lock back in place for North America. NA cups will only comprise of residents of USA, Mexico, and Canada (Puerto Rico is not included.) I am sorry for the inconvenience. Unless you currently reside (and have your ESL profile set to) one of these regions, you may not participate. Affected teams have been removed from the cup, but feel free to sign back up if you fix this. If you have questions/concerns about this, please e-mail DJ at

    With that much being said, you can sign up for the cup with these links:
    EU can sign up here:

    NA can sign up here:

    As a reminder: ESL Wire is a REQUIRED anti-cheat for you to install to play in the ESL cups. This will automatically ban people who are using hacks (such as aim and wall hacks). To install this, please click here.

    Good luck and have fun,

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    I've made a thread on the ESL forums about these 'changes'. I was surprised one wasn't there already.

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    Region lock is back already? That was fast.

    Oh well, thanks for letting us participate at least once and get a taste of it, was good fun. Suppose we got to wait till Asia/Oceania gets its own competitive bracket in like 6-12 months.

    Best of luck to those competing and have a good time! (genuinely, without hard feelings)