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Basic guide to vampire initiations

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    Basic guide to vampire initiations

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    I wrote this guide after many requests from players about how to improve their vampire game and teamwork on a competitive level.

    Introduction: What do we need for this?

    This is a commonly used strategy in ESL level games and it's one of the secrets a lot of those teams wouldn't want you to know. I'll explain one of the standard setups for this strategy, but if you find another setup works better for your team I suggest you stick with that.

    Disclaimer: The following content is only pointers, and might not work for your team or against some opponents, but will give you a basic understanding of how what turns a vampire fight in your favour.

    The basic idea of a good initiation.

    A good initiation means that the vampires give each other room to move towards the fight and do the damage they need to get the kills. This includes stuns, shadow bombs (smokes), distractions as well as spreading the humans out.

    Vital classes/abilities
    What you will need, cookbook style.

    1 Deciever with cloak/dominate mind. He needs infect and illusions.
    1 Tyrant with marathon and preferably ground slam. If it suits your flavor more, use two.
    2 Light classes. Any mix of reavers, summoners or sentinels will suffice. However the reaver if used must have a shadow bomb ready for use. A summoner will need abyssal bolt to enable tyrant combos.


    * When moving towards the humans, be swift and sneaky. Everybody should stand passive until ready. If you get seen you'll be in big trouble. Once moved close you have to move within seconds.

    * Adapt your selection of classes to the humans. If they run two or more alchemists you might want something else than a team
    full of tyrants.

    * There's a common misconception that the tyrant should go first in a fight, however this will prove useless against a well coordinated team. You need somebody to let him in first.

    Moving in for the kill - When it all boils down to a fight
    So you're all ready to attack and have creeped close enough to the point of no return. You need to move fast before the humans push you!

    The first move, the deciever's time to shine

    First off, your deciever will make the first move. EIther he will use Dominate mind to snatch an agressive class (hunter, prophet), or he will cloak.

    If using dominate mind, which is an effective way to handle agressive teams taht push a lot, any eventual summoner will throw the abyssal bolt and the tyrant will charge through the hunter/prophet for a stun and then straight into the rest. The second he charges the rest of the team moves in towards the rest of the humans as they're busy dealing with the tyrant. This is the time for smoke bombs, air strikes and other nasty things the vampires throw.

    A good finisher class (reaver, sentinel or summoner) finishes the stunned DM victim and moves in to finish other humans. This will be your dedicated finisher who's goal is to swap position with damaged or stunned vampires during the fight to finish of the humans. If he doesn't swap with his teammates he'll just be late to the party and give the humans some free frags on the expense of him getting a few more frags.

    If using cloak, which I've found works best on passive teams or teams with one or more scouts you'll play it similar.
    The deciever cloakes and moves towards the humans. He will either aim for the scout or couple of humans depending on what's bringing your team the most trouble. If he doesn't go for the scout you need a light class to do so instead, such as a reaver, bird or summoner.
    As the deciever cloakes, the tyrant waits for two seconds, then he goes for a charge. The rest of the team throws eventual smokes and waits for three seconds before moving in.
    When the deciever uncloakes the will instantly pop illusions and infect one of the humans. Do not use shroud since it will not help you against CCs.
    This is going to give the tyrant just enough room to knock some humans down and for you to inflict tons of damage.
    From this the fight should be in your favour. Make sure to spread out a lot.

    Practice this some with your team, maybe on an empty private server just to get a feel for when all the vampires arrive.

    A couple of do's and do not's!

    * Nobody must ever attack the decievers target if he's using cloak. It leaves both players vulnerable to attacks from other players. The deciever should be able to kill the infected target with ease if the initiation goes well.

    * The tyrant can never go first. He won't have enough room to hit the charges or ground slams if nobody makes room for him first.

    * Don't stay in for too long if you're targeted. Move away for a few seconds and return to finish the humans.

    *The deciever calls the shots. He should always call something like "cloaking now" when the team is ready. This is to make it easier to time the initiation right.

    Happy fragging!


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    I really hope a lot of people read this, it'll make pub vampire play a lot less painful. I'm getting sick of dying for free as Tyrant in pub because no one else ever initiates, preferring to sit on roofs, so I end up going in and dying before my team even moves

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    Getting really sick of needing to be the initiator in this game, there are some people i've seen and been impressed by but most people just kind wait, and wait more, even when they have a better spot to initiate from, i find myself having to expose myself to do the most damage i can and just die as the other people just don't seem to grasp the concept of teamwork and distractions they can safely accomplish without taking too much poke damage.

    Good read/10 - IGN

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