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Deus Ex Universe App for other systems

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    Deus Ex Universe App for other systems

    Not 100% sure where to post this but considering that they are related:
    Any chance you'll release DE Universe App for other systems like the Playstation Vita? Not everyone owns a mobile phone and we don't want to be left out!

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    I hope this happens.

    Here is the latest official comment regarding the app:

    Originally Posted by Poticha
    If you're having trouble logging in, please try using your email address instead of your username. If you still can't log in, the problem might be related to your Square Enix account - in that case, you should contact the Square Enix support centre.

    If you're having trouble scanning the code, as DaedalusIcarusHelios mentioned, have the code take more space on your screen and it should work.

    We're working on improving the app and further updates will be coming soon!
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    If it's any consolation, plenty of mobile users are unable to use the app anyway, thanks to completely broken signup and login interfaces. I have the feeling the app only received extremely cursory testing - presumably none on a real device - before being pushed out.

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    How about we get it on all the phone OSes before we worry about gaming systems?
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    I have an iPhone and it doesn't work for me.

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