Thread: Having major problems with the Schadenfreude Challenge in Absolution

Having major problems with the Schadenfreude Challenge in Absolution

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    Having major problems with the Schadenfreude Challenge in Absolution

    I can not complete the Schadenfreude Challenge on my PC version of Hitman:Absolution. This is in spite of the fact that I have successfully killed the target with an accident kill using the disco ball three times, in two of which I have escaped without detection. I'm up to something over 30 attempts and about ready to strangle someone. At this point I'm almost inclined to try hacking the game files to force a completion of the challenge.

    I still can't tell if I'm being held up by a scripting bug or if I'm somehow doing something wrong, and Square-Enix Support recommended I post my issue here so that the community could help out. Support said that sometimes there are counter-intuitive requirements that are not well documented except by player experience.

    Here is exactly what I did in the two playthroughs where it appears I did everything right.

    First, I start with the level select, choosing to "The Vixen Club" on Normal difficulty. Then I climb into the club through the 2nd floor window, pausing to grab the keycard, evidence and the silenced pistol. I then walk into the club, pausing to look at the bar to locate the target, then I walk into the private dance area to grab the checkpoint. Then I fail and restart from the checkpoint.

    From the checkpoint I walk to the Bachelor Party area and open the door with the keycard after ensuring that the guard beyond the door has moved away with Instinct. I pick up an additional silenced pistol with ammo from the coffee table, then assume standing cover at the door the guard will return through. I wait for the guard while listening to the strippers then put him in a chokehold as he steps through the doorway and subdue him without killing him. Then I edge forward into the door in cover to grab his keycard and revolver ammunition. Then I take his clothes as a disguise and drag the body to the hiding spot and stash it. Then I stand directly in front of the disco ball button and wait while the target takes his sweet time in coming to the disco ball area. Then I drop the ball on him and get lucky with the timing so that it does not hit anything BUT Dom. The target is killed. No challenge completion fires. I walk briskly through the small dressing area to the stairwell using instinct to hide from the guard who charges into the stairwell from the checkpoint, climb up to the exit and pick the lock. No challenge completion fires.

    So what in the hell did I do wrong?!?!?!

    It'd be nice if I could figure out the timing exactly so I don't waste 95% of my playthroughs with the Disco Ball flying off in an apparently random direction, but exactly mimicking the timing on the various YouTube videos on the challenge never works.

    I'm running this on Windows 8.1 PC, an HP box, and can include my DXDiag file on request.

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    Finally got it.

    Here are the three things I changed up to complete the challenge.

    1.) Stopped using the checkpoint. It's a pain in the ass, but it's possible it cocked up the script execution.

    2.) Replayed the sub-level on Purist difficulty. This was suggested by a poster in the Steam community forums.

    3.) Found that the timing works best when you hit the button just as Dom says the word "under" in under the Disco Ball.

    Not sure if it was 1.) or 2.) or both that got things done, but it's done now, and I never intend to do it again.