Thread: Game bug? Whole bridge has no collision

Game bug? Whole bridge has no collision

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    Game bug? Whole bridge has no collision

    So I'm doing a mission for the Ular, the Mercenaries must die mission. From where the mission starts (its just east of bandar Koperasi) just north of the mission start, you must cross a bridge to a millitary training camp. you can see the bridge, but there is no collision, you just fall through it, on foot or in a vehicle, you can't grapple it either.

    Update: okay so, it wasn't just the bridge, something glitched in the game engine I guess, because all the buildings started to do the same thing (no collision, no grapple, you can walk right through them, and worst of all, enemies can track and shoot at you through the buildings) I havn't been doing anything crazy, I did a mission nearby before I started this one, and from what I could tell it may have been triggered when I started the mission. Eventually I died while doing the mission, and when I restarted from last checkpoint, it was right at the start, and everything was fixed.

    If I can recreate the glitch and I remember, I will come back and post to confirm it was re-created from doing those two particular missions in that order, I can't remember the other missions name, it was also for the Ular, and it was the one where you fly to pick up his opium from that island with the japanese on it, and the pulse emitter that knocks your plane / chopper out of the air, I did that, finished and went straight to the mercs must die mission
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