Thread: Hardcore Mod Revived - Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors Cut Edition

Hardcore Mod Revived - Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors Cut Edition

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    Lightbulb Hardcore Mod Revived - Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors Cut Edition

    Hardcore Mod Revived - Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors Cut Edition


    Hello guys and gals, i am back. My Previous nickname was lOverlordl and it was loooong ago.
    And thanks to ANNOUNCEMENT OF DEUS EX MANKIND DIVIDED, which brought me super motivation to play again HUMAN REVOLUTION, I Am Very happy to introduce you to DIRECTORS CUT VERSION Of Hardcore Difficulty MOD. Yeah, you heard me.

    The creation of this mod was inspired from here. Unfortunately the author of that mod has disappeared a long time ago and the files were deleted,so i decided to do my version.This mod intended to play on "Give me Deus Ex" Difficulty and NEW GAME required.The game was played several times to perfectly(in my opinion) balance changes.


    - Full Support Of Directors Cut Edition v2.0.66.0 (INGAME:
    - By the end of the game,you will be more specialized type of a character than "Jack Of All Trades" character.
    - Radar Is Disabled (it will be on your screen as usual but will be unreadable.I have not found a way to disable it permanently or disable only icons). To Activate it again, you must spend praxis points in it.
    - High augmentations cost.
    - Very High Prices (weapons, weapon mods, consumables, ammo and ETC.)
    - Slightly Increased vendors and limb clinic item stock (ammount of weapon mods still as in vanilla game, i didn't change that).
    - Slight Changes to stack of some items.
    - Slight Changes to weapons stats.

    Augmentations Cost
    Weapon Mods And Misc Prices
    Weapons, Ammo, Explosives, Consumables Prices
    Weapon Changes

    Installation and Requirements:

    -Extract MODS FOLDER and DFEngine.dll from archive to your Deus Ex Human Revolution Folder.

    DFEngine.dll is the same file which you can find here. All Kudoses goes to Author/Authors who made/tweaked this file, i just put it in the archive for your convinience.

    Known Issues:
    None. You Just Need to start a New Game.


    Deus Ex Hardcore Revived - Full
    Deus Ex Hardcore Revived - Augmentations Only
    Deus Ex Hardcore Revived - Items, Prices, Stacks ETC. Only

    P.S Sorry About my grammar,English is not my native language.If you have any suggestions about mod then write me

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    Thank you so much!!! It's weird no one posted here, tried to find the mod two years ago, but as you said the links were dead and the person disappeared. That aug price rebalance is a must imo. And with the other changes the more hardcore - the better!

    Human Revolution replay before Mankind Divided is a go!

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    Is there anyway you could make a version with just the Radar change without any other prices/praxis changes?

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    this sounds awesome, thanks for the hard work. Really cool idea making the radar praxis kit related. Is that right we upgrade something to view the radar?

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    I've never played before base game and now wanne give a try.
    Could someone explain how exactly radar works in this mod and what was the issue in thread above,this shrinked stuff,zoom,range etc.?Didn't play yet, so here comes my question.
    Said, You based on author's work of this mod, I have some doubts about mechanics of radar. In foregoing thread, they were talking about:
    -Strangely I spent much less time looking at radar in vanilla when it was upgraded to 50m, since icons get shrinked and it's hard to tell enemies' direction or movement when they are so small and cluttered together. Maybe you should keep the long range but disable the automatic detection?
    -What kind of detection you mean?Size of icons work as radar screen zooming (except Radar lvl1). So if you keep it small you can see far away.When you increase size of icons your detection range still the same but all things become zoomed in.If find a way to increase size of radar border it solve stated problem
    -You need to see enemies first for them to appear on a radar. Once you upgrade it in vanilla everything in 50m radius just automatically appears on it, whenever you see them or not.
    -Ah well thought its scripted somewhere, without sdk very hard even impossible to find.
    -What about keeping radar, but making it inactive in the beginning? So you'd have to spend like 2 praxis points to unlock it? Is that possible?
    -Ok, you start with disabled Radar lvl1, then spend 2 praxis on it, then buy Radar lvl2 which shrinked and almost useless (radar 0m \ radar lvl1 25m \ radar lvl2 50m but useless) or begin with short ranged 8m radar and upgrade for 2 praxis to lvl2 25m (radar lvl1 8m \ radar lvl2 25m). It looks like no real difference for me, but i think its possible.>
    I should understand, that with modded radar as in origin mod as well in this mod, player automatically detect enemies and in vanilla he had to first see enemy to made him visible on radar? So with modded radar game is easier instead more difficult?

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    First many thanks for HC Mod for DX:Human Revolution.

    Is it possible to modify radar option, could You tell me how to do it? Or make it as separate option?

    I wanne to make radar lvl 1 option as in vanilla( 25 m,not turned off) or make radar 2 lvl range 25 from Your mod ( 50 m is to much and not really good visible).

    I suppose You don't play/intrest in DX:HR anymore.
    If You could tell me how to do it (hex editor or how You exactly did it ) I'll be very gratefull.

    thanks in advance

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