Thread: Unable to play after patch. FPS drops, Desync / Rubberbanding

Unable to play after patch. FPS drops, Desync / Rubberbanding

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    Unable to play after patch. FPS drops, Desync / Rubberbanding

    Anybody else getting a giant fps drop after the update? Before the patch, I had around 30fps. Now after it, I can barely scrape 15-17 making my game barely playable... Really frustrated with this, can´t hit anything with the game reduced to a slideshow.

    EDIT: Turning off V-Sync helped.
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    Unable to play after patch. Desync / Rubberbanding

    After the patch I cannot get into a game without rubber banding all over. If I am playing human any interaction with stairs or elevated geo causes my character to bounce around and I can pretty much ignore forget about trying to aim. Vamps have issues with climbing and frequently fall to the ground or just chop through walls and reappear at the top of a wall. Any melee can be ignored as I can't actually control what I am aiming at and I constantly clip or warp around other players.

    I had these same issues on a larger scale when the Summoner was released and was not able to play for 2-3 weeks so I am hoping I can get any other suggestions to fix it before the event is over. I have already submitted a ticket but doubt it will be resolved soon by that method. Anything else would be greatly appreciated.

    I am running on 8.1 - 9600 with a i7-4930k, 16 gig of ram, and a gtx 780. I run at a 7ms ping with 50 dl and 12 up so I do not believe this to be related to my machine.

    So far I have
    -deleted bmcp files
    -uninstalled / reinstalled
    - removed and reinstalled c++ redistributable
    -unlinked Steam account from SE.
    -restarted and reset computer and router
    -set all graphics to low and high without changes

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    same problem huge fps drop

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    Same... the game is very laggy for me after the last patch especially on The Crucible

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    I got the same problem,Specialy on Sommerdam and The Fane.

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    Lag spikes.Please help me.

    Hello and first sorry for my bad English.

    I was playing Nosgoth for a long time(early alpha tester).I really was enjoing the game but after the patches when the matchmaking wars event was in game,the game is unplayable for me.Matchmaking wars was 3 moths a go,after the patch i got mega lags spikes on Sommerdam and The Fane,something like game freeze to 1-3 sec.sspecialy when i moove.Then i writed to support,they ask me for specification of my internet connection and my Pc.Everything was fine with my pc and net cc.They said that they are working really hard on fixing this iisue because im not the only person who have this problem right now.Ok.I decided to take a break.After 3 moths i came back.First map was this new one "curicible" or something like this and BOOM mega lag spikes,on sommerdam and the Fane was the same.Its very frustrating,Square Enix dont want to refund my money that i put in this game,they told me to write to steam for refund,but steam dont want to refund too.
    Please help me.

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    Exclamation Unable to play after update!

    Hello there dear developers,

    Im writing this topic to inform you that i am unable to play after the update you released, this new graphic stuff and things you added is making my pc burn. When I first bought the game it worked perfect until you released this last update to change some things in the game, not to mention the the map has sounds problems, and my computer cant take it no longer, please make the game as it was before the update, thank you for understanding.

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    Yes and you're not the only one ...

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    Really Low FPS

    Nosgoth was working fine when I first installed it but as time past the performance of the game (low fps) began to decline. It's running at 10-20 most often where it would occasionally work well working at 50-60 fps. I have put -high, and -onethread into the launch options and it still did not work. My computer is up to par with the game requirements:
    750ti GTX i5-4460 4gb ram

    Other games work fine at a nice 60 fps except for Nosgoth.

    If anyone can help out that would greatly be appreciated.

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    After the last patch it's been like that for some other people as well... including me...

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    play on minimum settings. But on the map Crucible terribly lag. It is simply impossible to play the FPS drops to 3

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    Same this patch has broken the game. I just had to leave a game where the other enemy team somehow were able to shoot me and use abilities through walls, shoot me as have them grabbed as a tyrant, ping issues and just plain B.S

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    The Crucible FrameDrop

    I ve been playing nosgoth for 456 hours my setup ensure me a good fps (60 sometimes sometimes less) i play all the maps with no framedrops but on the crucible its just horrible , its not all the time but in every match (and suspect some points in the map) i experience a huge frame drop.
    I updated my video card driver still nothing improved, i think its an optimisation problem
    am i the only one having this problem ?
    hope the dev team fix it soon cause the crucible is a wonderful map and i would like to play it like all the others in a good condition

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    The same is happening to me after the last update. During battle the FPS drops to 15-20.

    My PC is an AMD FX9600 (6-cores), 8GB RAM, GTX 770
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