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Thread: Personal Thoughts & Feelings about Ep2

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    Thumbs Up Personal Thoughts & Feelings about Ep2

    I was really moved by the closure of this episode. But let's not skip the whole story.

    So as it starts off I did again forget to water my plant (I don't even know where my plant is yet so silly me always forgets to water it). I was glad that I could pick up the Phone Call of (the girl that wants to jump) without having consequences by (the Anime Girl).

    I liked the Remember-MiniGames except for the Train-One which did really put me under pressure especially since I did not want to see her Run over. But well I guess I kind of liked disliked that one too. It was just a lot of pressure and I did not really want to lay down on the rail tracks to begin with since I basically would not be able to relax in such a danger situation anyway. Therefore lieing there would not bring me any personal joy. Seeing that I care about such little detail of me being able to make decisions I think just underlines how realistic I think this game is.

    Swaying off, I also think that these days the focus is a lot about social interaction and feeling yourself better than others. A thing you just gotta accept and basically live / or not live by. I really dislike this entire learning by rote way and that there is one correct answer only. Basically you can say I am a guy that does not go along well within the current system. I am always wanting more than just moving in circles and as of wanting the impossible, I burned myself a lot of times, since even the straightest of Lines is a Circle. I can totally identify with a bunch of situations in this game and this personality of Max herself. I basically love running against the Brick Wall of thinking that People would come to a logical conclusion rather than what suits themselves best at the time (since I keep doing so for myself).

    I see a whole lot of those aspects in your game so definite kudos to that.
    What baffled me though is the Suicide Scene which I consider unrealistic. If she really would have jumped she would not have waited for this entire crowd to come together. Also if she would have really wanted to end it, she would have gone to the other side of the roof top where people cannot see her that well. Basically she just stood there waiting for someone to come up to her (not to jump). So seeing her fall is kind of akward although it made for a nice time reverse effect. It's just not how suicide works for this type of personality. She is shy and introverted not a Drama Queen that's like OMG nearly commited suicide over that.

    I was fortunate enough to save her though and guess that she is a Sister Type. Overall as you can see by me writing and thinking that much about it, it was an excellent episode and by now I think this series has proven to be better than all of it's counterparts. There are a lot more Grey Decisions in this Game than in others and I also like how once thought good decisions tend to change into bad ones passing through the episodes.

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    It does feel like a game where everything comes back to get you... much more so than The Walking Dead. I'm interested to see how diverse the storyline becomes since I didn't feel like TWD choices really had the impact they could have had. It'll be interesting to see how LiS handles all the choices.

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    Man. This game. It gives me all types of feels. I just want to play it over and over and over, the story really captures you. I've never felt this way with a game before and I've played many games. From the the the plot twist lol damn this game is everything. Like episode two wow with everything that happened to Kate Marsh that has really bothered me lol. Thats the thing.. With ep 3 I wonder how that will all play out with her, Nathan etc...

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