Thread: Problems with Contract Mode | Contract Server offline

Problems with Contract Mode | Contract Server offline

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    Problems with Contract Mode | Contract Server offline


    have buy HA for Steam and can not access the contract mode. Within the 1st 4 days of playing HA i could see the score of my steam-friends but currently i can't.

    I have create a square enix account and link it with my steam account. On the website it shows only the progress from this 4 days - 17h played, in Steam i have complete the whole game with a gametime of >50h.

    I have disable the windows firewall, reinstall HA, change my AV software, starting HA as administrator, reset the internetsettings... but nothing help. Is there another option / solution why i cant access the contract mode? Or a log file whit that i can figure out what the problem is?

    System Setting:
    i7 2700k 3.4Ghz | 16 GB RAM | GTX680 | Win 7 Professional x64 with latest updates and service packs | playing on/over Steam | latest firmware, driver for all hardware is installed

    Your sincerly
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    Wow - TOP Support Square Enix no answer within 8 days. Customer friendly is that not. next time better invest the money in womans and alcohol and not in a game from square enix.

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