Thread: Skins, classes, and abilities ideas

Skins, classes, and abilities ideas

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    Skins, classes, and abilities ideas

    So I had a ton of ideas I wanted to throw out there and figured id just make a thread to put them in one place.

    I would like to see members of what would become the Hash'ak'gik cult. I mean hyldan worshipers would be epic. I imagine they would be mages in the game and their basic attacks would throw green glyph energy and their abilities could use the glpyh magic spells from soul reaver 1 or just cool magic.

    I was also thinking about lvl 25 class rewards are epic ideas and the theme for vampires is epic. I love the art as well but what kind of unifying skin theme could humans have? I thought about it and what about magically imbued gear that are remnant artifacts of the sarafan passed down in various human tribes. If you wanted to go a different route you could say the same thing about long loss relics worn by the enemies of the vampires last worn in a vampire war long a ago and the stories of their origins long lost (hyldan armor).

    I was also thinking about abilities that would allow the summoner more diverse ability picks. As it stands only being able to use shield is annoying. I was thinking an ability where when they use it they dash forward with their chest out and arms spread like raziel when he passes through gates only much faster and for a set distance. Think of it as an extra dash with a cd the difference however is that what ever terrain is in its way you pass through. This means it would be ideal for fighting inside building with thin walls or engaging through those walls to fight.

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    The Hash'Ak'Gik cult existed about 2500 years before the time in which Nosgoth is set. Turel had been summoned into the past and only became known as Hash at that time. The cult would have died off quickly after he was killed (history doesn't like change, so he'd probably have died with or without Raziel) and Avernus was burned to the ground.
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    Aren't the Prophets originally from the Avernus cult?

    A phase-like ability is something I've often suggested for the Summoner and one I still support to replace the Barrier but mimicking Raz's passing-through-gates pose seems unnecessary and kind of a goofier callback than needed.

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    Originally Posted by Ygdrasel
    Aren't the Prophets originally from the Avernus cult?
    Yes, they are.
    The divinatory order of the Prophets, however, was appalled at what they saw and – seizing rare treasures from the catacombs of the Cathedral – fled from the burning city.

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