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Thread: Shut up and dance! (for Ep2)

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    Shut up and dance! (for Ep2)

    Episode 2 is just 2 days away!

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    Well my dancing shoes are on!
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    Me too!
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    I think we three are the only ones in this place outside of Mr. B and Grimoire :P

    And I think those of us on Steam only have 2 more hours to go--(

    Edit: Speaking of which--when will the sub-forum for E2 go up?
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    My guess is the Ep2 forum will go up 3/24? Another place to share our beloved opinions that warms the developer's hearts!

    I've played a bit of Ep2 and I'm lovin' it! Awesome!
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    Just finished it and wow. Lots of interesting stuff here. Not anywhere near as lighthearted as the first episode I have to say--I'm not sure if that's good or bad. It's real, at least.
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    Interesting. I played about an hour, and the tone did darken a bit.
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    Every time i listen to that song on my phone i am brought back to that moment of Chloe on the bed <3

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